The benefits of silk pajamas

Posted by pajamasets on October 20th, 2018

When it comes to luxury pajama sets, many people have a special feeling with it, because it is friendly to skin and can show one's temperament better. Actually, there are many advantages that luxury silk pajamas have, and these factors may be regarded as the reason why so many people choose it. Now, let's see the ten advantages that luxury silk pajamas have below.


First, green environmental protection.

Luxury Silk pajamas are made from natural mulberry silk and are non polluting. They are really green products.

Second, beauty skin nourishing

The mulberry silk in the luxury silk pajamas consists of natural protein fibers containing 18 kinds of amino acids needed by human body. Its chemical structure is similar to human skin and has good compatibility. Can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, prevent skin aging, promote blood circulation delay aging, so that the skin keeps moist and smooth. It has obvious effects on allergic skin and skin pruritus.

Third, gentle and smooth

Silk feel natural smooth, close to the skin is any fiber can not be compared with, known as the "fiber queen" human body's second skin, can really make the body get the best care and enjoyment.

Four, comfortable

Silk sleepwear is smooth and breathable, and its friction coefficient to the human body is the lowest in all kinds of fibers. When our delicate skin and smooth and delicate products meet, its unique soft texture, according to the curve of the human body, considerate and safe care of every inch of our skin.

Five, warm in winter and cool in summer

Silk in silk home wear contains the highest volume gap in the fiber, which can play a bidirectional role in regulating the bottom heat conduction in cold weather, warmth than cotton and wool. When it is hot, it can also discharge many of the calories, so that the body temperature is guaranteed to be constant.

Six. Moisture absorption

Silk protein fiber in silk sleepdress contains a hydrophilic side chain amino acid substance, which can absorb and distribute water in the air, and retain a certain amount of water. Under normal temperature, it helps skin retain certain moisture and does not make the skin too dry. When it is hot, the sweat and heat discharged from the body can be quickly distributed, making people feel cool and incomparable.

Seven, tranquilizing the mind and promoting sleep

Silk proteins in luxury silk sleepwear are chemically constructed into 18 kinds of natural amino acids. These amino acids contain a fine molecule called "sleep factor" which can stabilize nerves and eliminate fatigue. It can effectively improve sleep, improve sleep depth and eliminate daytime fatigue.

Eight. Antibacterial, mildew resistant and anti mites.

Silk has excellent natural properties of antibacterial, anti mildew and mite resistance. The SERCIN in its silk has the ability to prevent mite and bacteria from developing. The luxury silk pajamas are made of 100% natural super mulberry silk, which meets strict sanitary and health requirements. No chemicals are added to the pajamas that are harmful to human health.

Nine, anti UV

Tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can effectively absorb and screen ultraviolet rays, and have good anti-ultraviolet function. It can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging human skin. Keep skin soft, smooth and elastic.

Ten, noble and elegant

luxury Silk pajamas are mainly designed with simplified design. They are fashionable, casual, romantic and bright. While bringing people the feeling of healthy, comfortable, noble and elegant life, it advocates a fashionable and rich lifestyle. Become a symbol of sentiment and taste.

In fact, with so many advantages in luxury silk pajamas, you can consider to own one high quality silk pajama sets. It will not only give you the comfort feeling, but also show your noble temperament better.  And if you want to buy silk pajama sets online with cheap price, you can contact us or enter our web:

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