An MBA Opens Doors to a Variety of Careers

Posted by mbainstitute on October 20th, 2018

Among some observers, there is a false perception that an MBA is only for a certain type of person looking for a certain type of work. The reality is that getting an MBA is interesting for a wide range of candidates: managing the spectrum between the analytic and the creative, the extrovert and the introvert, and those with professional and non-commercial backgrounds.

Reflecting the diversity of inputs, the variety of career paths of MBA graduates after graduation. With a solid foundation in business and fundamentals management, the skills to be an effective leader and the support of a solid alumni network, graduates continue to have successful careers in a wide range of industries and job roles.

There’s no one thing MBA alumni do

There is recent survey comes more than 4,750 students of full-time two-year MBA programs and found that they are employed in eight different sectors, with no more than 1 in 5 currently working in a particular field. Most of the full-time MBA graduates work full-time in the product/service, technology and finance/accounting sectors. Other alumni work in government / non-profit industries, consulting, manufacturing, health/pharmaceutical and energy / public services.

The work functions of full-time two-year MBA students are also very different. About half of the graduates have marketing/sales or finance/accounting roles in their companies and the other half are distributed in the roles of general management, consulting, operations/logistics, human resources, and IT / MIS.

This diversity refers to the broad applicability of the MBA curriculum to all types of companies and the convenience of the MBA skills set among employers seeking new managerial talents. The most recent GMAC survey of corporate recruiters found that in all sectors, 95% of recruiters agree that hiring fresh business school graduates creates value for their companies.

Through their MBA programs and career guidance provided by their school's career services office, MBA students can identify job opportunities that appeal to their interests and are a great complement to their talent and aspiration. individually. In all sectors and job functions, 96 percent of full-time two-year MBA graduates state that the degree has been professionally rewarded and 92 percent report being satisfied with their current job.

An MBA can help you make a career change

Are you considering an MBA because you want to take your career in a new direction? You are not alone More than 2 out of 5 potential MBA students (43%) plan to use their managerial training to look for opportunities in sectors or job roles where they have never worked before. These MBA candidates are more numerous than those wishing to continue their current professional career (27%) and those wishing to start or continue their careers as entrepreneurs (29%).

About half of the full-time two-year MBA students report that making a career change has been a key factor that has driven them to invest time, money and efforts to get an MBA. This includes alumni who wanted to change job functions (51%) and alumni who wanted to change sectors (46%).

Nine out of ten of these students state that getting their MBA met their initial investment expectations for a career change. Ninety percent of those wishing to change job functions claim to be satisfied with their investment and 89 percent of those wishing to change their industry report the same.

An MBA gives you the flexibility

The business world is changing rapidly and experts in organizational change predict that the rate of change in business will only accelerate in the future. This means that your ability to adapt to an evolving market will be critical to long-term professional success.

Because an MBA is highly valued in different industries and disciplines, it can help you adapt to changing circumstances in the economy. For example, if market changes have a negative impact on your career in a particular sector or job, having your MBA (not to mention your MBA network) will improve your ability to skillfully transform your career path in one direction that allows you professional development.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with an MBA. To find out which MBA program is a great complement to your talents and professional goals, start your search using the school's research tool.

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