Everything You Need To Know About Holter Monitors

Posted by williamjack1132 on October 22nd, 2018

A routine EKG can provide ample information about your heart’s health. This short test is widely used by doctors for high quality medical diagnosis. Doctors study the characteristic shape of EKG to derive information related to health status of an individual. However, most heart related issues demonstrate themselves infrequently and the chances of their occurrence during an EKG session are quite low. These traditional methods are insufficient to find out the root cause of the problem and hence finding solutions to eliminate cardiac issues becomes more difficult.

If you have a heart rhythm dysfunction, your doctor might ask you to wear a Holter monitor in order to evaluate your health status. While it takes just a few minutes to conduct ECG, Holter monitoring consumes a lot of time. It is a 24 hour long recording which facilitates the detection of abnormal rhythms and cardiac symptoms. Holter monitoring makes it possible to detect irregular impulses and analyze the overall well-being of heart. Doctors can gain information regarding the effectiveness of medicines and decide the right course of treatment for the patient.

Unlike EKG system, Holter monitor is a small portable device. Holter monitoring procedure is relatively simpler as compared to ECG as it involves fewer leads. The metal electrodes attached to the monitor are placed on the skin of the patient with the help of a glue-like substance. A small pouch holds the monitor close to the body of the patient and ensures that the readings are not affected in any way during the entire testing period. It is essential to follow the instructions given by the doctor regarding the positioning of electrodes. Important information is gathered through electrodes which allows doctors to determine the hidden cause of the changes in activity of heart.

In order to assure accurate readings, the patients are advised not to indulge in activities that may disturb the positioning of electrodes or cause damage to the monitor. They should avoid taking baths, applying creams or lotions, etc and avoid areas with high intensity magnetic and electric fields. Patients are expected to indulge in normal daily-life activities while wearing a Holter monitor.

You do not need to be worried about Holter monitoring because the entire procedure is painless and does not involve any risks. It causes no pain or irritation on the patient’s skin, so people can take this test without any worries.

If you want to purchase a PC based Holter monitoring system, reach out to a dedicated business that supplies such products at affordable prices.

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