Top Android App Development Myths That Every Businessperson Should Know

Posted by fluper on October 22nd, 2018

Android applications are the market leaders in the world of mobile apps. As per recent statistics, it has been estimated that the current number of mobile apps in the Google Play Store is rapidly heading to reach the 3 million mark. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it offers massive scope for an android application development company to create more and more Android apps that are useful for customers.

A study found that the total number of Android app downloads in the year 2017 was 50 billion which was more when compared to the other operating systems. This figure clearly shows that how much users love to use apps. Considering these facts, businesses have started to realize the need to have a mobile application as it would help the business to become more competitive in the corporate sphere. A major reason for choosing Android is its open nature, which makes it do things others could not. Therefore, businesses and startups need to take full advantage of this. Also, it is a good reason for businesses to have fully developed android apps and hire android app developers for their businesses.

It has been analyzed that Android app development has revolutionized the way developers create an application. Still, there are some Android app development myths, which are making the businesses hesitant to take a step toward mobile app development. Here, I am going to discuss some of the myths in android app development-

Developing Android App is Quick

Most of the people think that developing an app is quick for a proficient app developer. Android app development is not something that everybody can do easily. It requires good knowledge of Java, installation of some Android software, software development kit, Android Studio, and a virtual device to test your app on. Besides, many things need to be taken care while developing an app such as user interface, bugs resolving, marketing strategy etc. And these are just prerequisites, it includes a long way process to go from conception to delivery of your app.

A Great App Does Not Need Marketing

Once you have developed your app, and you think that you are done and nothing else needs to be done apart from getting it placed on a major app store like Google Play or Apple App store, then you are highly mistaken. As stated above, there are millions of app on the Google Play Store and even thousand of apps are just like yours. Therefore, the competition is very high. An effective marketing strategy is a key solution to this problem. Capturing the interest of consumers takes much reflective and a careful strategy.

Android App Development is Expensive

This is perhaps one of the myths, which the businesses believe. This is also a reason why business does not choose an app development company. However, it is not at all applicable as the android app development requires a fixed budget unless the project is complex and involves complex requirements. Also, there are so many android application development company in Canada who are offering top-notch services at affordable costs. If you do it yourself it is not at all expensive, but paying the developer for his expertise and knowledge; and getting the app that you actually want is worth paying for.

Google is All You Need!

Another myth about mobile app development is that it only has to lead on Google top rankings. But it is important to note that neither Google nor any social media can get you app at the top for no reason. There is always a competition between the Android app developers to personalize the app experience to the app users. Community who are considering Google as their only medium should start thinking about more unique methods to get the desired ROI.

Earning Can Begin Instantly

Another big myth is that once the app is in the Play Store, the earning will start immediately. But, that’s not the reality. Downloads will not pump in money unless the app user pays you for using the app. This is also a fact that it is the android users who have the most reservations about paying for an app. If your business app is of the paid version, then may be your app has less downloads. It is suggested to provide a free-trial version for your app at the start so that, user get to know about the app easily.

Final Thoughts

If you have a plan to switch your business into a mobile app, then hire mobile app developers who have the perfect knowledge in android app development. Also, these myths should be clear to the client, business owner, and a developer so that an efficient and productive app can be launched in the market. There might be many more Android app development myths that have crossed the app development industry, but it is recommended to research well to know the full story and plan accordingly.

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