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Factors to Consider When Buying Snake Proof Boots

Posted by evansafe on October 22nd, 2018

There are many reasons that would make you pay a visit to the woods. Whether you go there for fun activities or it is a call of duty, you need to keep yourself safe from any danger that may lurk ahead while you are there.

Anything that can protect you from any harm should be a top priority. As you go about your activities in the woods, consider foot protection a requirement.

 snake boots

Careful as you might be when you are out there in the bush, there is always some danger that awaits you. Serpents don’t give any warning if they want to strike. However, you can protect your legs from snake bites by getting yourself snake proof boots. Snake proof boots are very essential. Besides, your legs will be protected against obstacles as well as standard injuries.

Snakes pose danger wherever they inhabit, whether they are in natural areas or the woods. Snakes are found almost everywhere in the world. There are areas with many snakes, others have few, depending on the climate of that place.

There are snakes that are poisonous while others are not fatal at all. The poisonous serpents have venom that is very fatal. The non-poisonous snakes are not good either. Sometimes they attack their victims if they feel threatened. You are left nursing a nasty bite that they leave behind after attack.

You can avoid such snake bites by getting yourself boots that can protect you from these disappointments. Boots cover the exposed areas of your legs. They are made of very thick materials offering prevention from snakes’ fangs. Snake proof boots come in different varieties and sizes. This may make it difficult for you to choose the right boot for you. This article, however, offers guidelines on how to know the best boots to choose.


Most materials that make snake proof boots are impenetrable. More often than not, the companies that make these boots combine several materials to ensure maximum protection of the feet. Materials that are commonly used include:

  • Synthetic fabrics
  •  Kevlar
  • Leather
  • Denim
  • Nylon
  • Cordula

These materials provide maximum protection against fangs. You should ensure you choose the boot made from these thick and strong materials that provide both protection as well as comfort to your feet.


One of the most important things that you should consider is the way the boot closes. This is because a closure is a great determiner of how well its performance will be and whether or not it will feel comfortable wearing it. Get yourself a boot that has different closures combined together. This provides the perfect fit.

Air circulation

Most people often overlook the air circulation bit when they are purchasing snake proof boots. Air circulation should be a top priority. Boots cover the larger part of the leg leading to sweat. When your feet sweat, a bad odor is produced and this makes one very uncomfortable.

The best snake proof boots are those with breathable materials for better cooling of the feet. There are others whose inside layers draw off the sweat produced and expose it in order to evaporate. An impermeable, breathable fabric will keep you comfortable without having to worry about feet sweating or smelling.   


Consider the height of each snake proof boot that you are interested in before making the purchase. Most of the standard boots found in the market are between 16 to 18 inches in height.

Snakes are mostly known to attack the lower leg of their victims. However, they can attack you higher than that. This means that you should put great consideration on the coverage provided by the snake proof boots that you want to purchase. In addition, you should have extensive knowledge about the area you are going to carry out your activities in. This will help you choose boots that will offer you maximum protection. 

Comfortable fit

In as much as you would like to consider the material of the boots, don’t settle for one that is too rigid. You need boots that you can wear for a long time without any feeling of discomfort. Get yourself those that have flexible points. This will make you feel at ease wearing them than when you are with the rigid boots.


With all this factors in place, you will get an amazing outfit for your outdoor expedition.

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