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Posted by Susan California on October 22nd, 2018


 Which way to prefer? 

In the present context, laser hair removal is getting popularity for several reasons. But before you embark on the therapy, you have to know specific details. Not all the therapies are suitable for everyone. Besides, the machines are not suitable for all. Laser hair removal in Richmond Hill applies the methods based on the skin types of the people. In fact, you cannot apply a machine on skin without knowing the background. So, regardless of a laser therapy receiver or a practitioner, you must have an idea about the laser removal type.

A brief discussion here will render you the basic ideas to make the process easier-

Fair skin

If you have fair skin, the Laser hair removal in Richmond Hill will apply the Ruby laser for your treatment. The laser is able to absorb melanin. Besides, the laser is also capable of removing even the thinnest hair from your body. 

Pale skin

The laser hair removal specialists apply the IPL for removing hair from the pale skin. Though this is not a complete laser hair removal process, it is applicable everywhere. The benefits are huge. There is not rudeness during the removal process. Despite being a ray of light, this is not less powerful than a laser.

For dark skin

Not all the skins are the same. The complexion differs based on numerous aspects. So, you have to apply Nd: YAG Laser for the dark skin. If you use the other types of laser, the impacts might be detrimental to the skin. Considering the health risk, it is better to apply this type of laser on the dark skin. 

Olive skin

For the olive skins, the laser machine is different. It is all about the laser frequency. The Alexandrite Laser is one of the best one for the olive skin. The Laser hair removal in Richmond Hill applies this machine for hair removal of people with olive skin. The wavelength of this particular machine is a bit lengthy. So, it covers more space on the skin.

Medium Skin

The medium skins often require both the shorter and longer version of the wavelength. So, the Diode laser is able to fill your needs. The machine is able to remove the hair from the necessary parts of the body with medium skin. The laser is able to enter into the deep of the hair follicles. The damage risks are lower too.

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