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Posted by jjlawfl on October 23rd, 2018

When people are planning their wedding(s), divorce is the last thing on their mind(s). Weddings are typically beautiful occasions filled with joy and laughter. If you think wedding planning is difficult, wait until you are married and have to learn to live together without a safety net. The work involved in marriage is often tougher than couples initially forecast. After all, the “honeymoon” phase is at the beginning of a marriage. Honeymoon-ing is the inducement for tying the proverbial knot. Romance, friendship, comfort, and planning for the future are starry-eyed concepts.

When a marriage hits a rocky road or a proverbial primrose path, the real challenges begin. Can two people, once in love and devoted to a life together, resolve their differences, or will the divide between them become irreconcilable? After all, no one wants to go through the ugly side of divorce. Losing one’s companion and getting splashed in the face with a legal battle is something nobody envisions on their wedding day. While most couples try to keep their divorce as agreeable and mature as possible, at times you made need the services of a divorce attorney. Hiring a family law attorney Clermont Fl can take a lot of weight from your shoulders when equitably distributing your assets, developing a parenting plan, and resolving your financial division.

Marriage Counseling to the Rescue?

It is true that in some limited circumstances if one party makes a compelling argument for the court to order marital counseling, a divorce may be temporarily delayed. This may cause some couples to remain together, or it may be a matter of delaying the inevitable. The positive side is that if nothing else, perhaps the litigants will rekindle their friendship to allow for an amicable resolution of their case.

It is important to have a divorce attorney in Clermont Florida while going through the court proceedings so as to have the right legal counsel that you need.

Why You Need A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce not only breaks up a family but also involves complicated financial planning. A Clermont divorce attorney will help you fight for your parenting and financial rights.

Here are a few things generally need to be addressed during a divorce:

  1. Division of Property: The State of Florida requires that property is distributed in an equitable manner. Equitable starts with a presumption of equality of division, but each case is unique and there is not one standard one-size-fits-all distribution of assets.
  2. Alimony: This can be granted to either party. It is based on a need and an ability to pay
  3. Child Support and Custody: The standard is the best interest of the minor child(ren) and the needs and expenses of child rearing.

When you need the help of a Clermont divorce attorney, call the Jacobs Law Firm, https://www.jjlawfl.com/  for a free initial consultation to find out more about how a divorce works and can work for you.   

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