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Posted by Abhishek Kumar on October 23rd, 2018

Employee training is worth the time and money as it is important for the workers to be able to improve on their performance levels. Why talk about improving performance levels? Training can actually pick a person completely unaware of a concept or a skill and launch them to the ranks of the ‘bestests’.

Today, might be, you need people to cook in your restaurant, or people to handle the maintenance of a software product. You can simply go ahead to find a senior member and ask them to train an existing employee on that particular skill and your worries would be over. If you want to have a trainer from outside, just remember to verify his or her credentials in terms of whether they have completed any train the trainer certification or not. Else you might also choose to research a bit more and learn about how to become a trainer as well.

Usually, putting employees through a training that leads to a movement towards their long term career goals also provides them with immense job satisfaction and thus makes them loyal towards your firm. Lack of training initiatives has been found to be one of the primary reasons for attrition. Just think about your progress with one less worker and cost involved in hiring a new employee. Most often it is quite hefty price to spend on hiring an employee compared to training an existing employee.

If you are thinking about the type of training, know that training on technical skills is definitely important, however, behavioural skills training have also been found to be extremely useful. An article in Washington Post has spoken of a research conducted by Google on its employees where the tech giant looked at their employees’ hiring, firing, and promotion data only to find that communication skill was the top skill helping employees become a successful performers. Next came other soft skills namely, empathy, coaching ability, etc. As per the research data technical skills were mostly at the bottom portion of the list, just helping us conclude how significant behavioural skills are, and hence training your people on the same.

When talking about skills, technical and behavioural, both play a vital role in the overall life of employees. And if offered training on both, your people will choose one as per their interest levels. However, having such initiatives will undoubtedly increase your retention rate. Workers looking out for the next bigger challenging opportunity are more likely to perform and stay satisfied after being a part of such training initiatives.

Additionally, it’s good to remember that a good trainer, technical or behavioural, can only make your initiative a success. Such good trainer usually has understood every detail of how to become a trainer. And most likely has also got a good train the trainer certification to add to their credential.

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