Stem Cell Therapy For Spine Injury - Your Solution To Chronic Back Pain

Posted by regenerer on October 23rd, 2018

In this computer-centric world where the majority of people spend their life sitting in front of computer screens, spine injury is a common scenario. Whether it’s spondylitis or degenerative spine, a spinal injury is one of the culprits that have snatched away the freedom of millions of people. Mainly caused due to blow or damage to the spine, inactivity and poor posture when working, it’s one medical condition that makes life miserable and stops the sufferers from performing the daily task efficiently.

According to a recent survey, it was discovered that almost 80% of the people experience back pain and other spine-related conditions at some point in their lives. Doctors and health experts believe poor posture and lack of activity to be the primary cause of such spinal conditions, and this, in fact, is true. Though excessive physical activity also puts pressure on the spine and nerves surrounding it, sitting before the screen makes the spine more susceptible to injuries and disc problems.

When it comes to the treatment, there are many including rest, heat and ice therapy, over the counter medication, physical therapy, yoga and more. However, when spinal pain becomes chronic, and these treatments fail to provide relief, which is often the case, stem cell therapy for spine injury is what most health professionals recommend. Researchers believe that it likely holds the key to many sources of spinal pain. This therapy has now the potential to be an excellent alternative to invasive spine surgery such as spinal fusion. This means that patient now have a minimally invasive option and with stem cell therapy for the degenerative spine, they can repair the damaged disc or spine or facet joint, restore normal function, rehydrate the disc between the vertebrates, and ultimately alleviate chronic pain.

Stem cell treatment includes the use of stem cells to correct the medical condition, and in case of spine injury, it involves harvesting and re-injecting the body’s bone marrow, which is rich in stem cells, to repair damaged or worn-out spine disc. This is one of the safest treatments when conservative treatments fail to offer any pain relief. Though this is a relatively new invention focused on alleviating back pain, many people have benefitted from this therapy.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or any spinal injury, many medical facilities offer stem cell therapy for spine injury. You can get in touch with them and schedule an appointment with them so that you can get your treatment and ultimately regain your lost freedom.

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