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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on October 24th, 2018

When you think of bladder control problems you might think of seniors, but it is important to know that bladder control problems can occur to anyone and at any age. Men can experience this issue as much as women, but it is more typical for men to try and cover up their issues with bladder control problems, as they are usually more humiliated about it, and unwilling to discuss it with their doctors. If you are looking after a loved one with bladder control problems you want to best assist them by making sure they get the right catheter. The external catheter is a great way of managing male incontinence.

What is a male exterior catheter and how does it help manage incontinence problems? It is connected to the male organ using a sleeve that looks similar to a condom. The sleeve will have a drainage pipe that is connected to it, and that is then connected to a bag that will gather the urine. The bag can be fixed to the leg without any flow issues. When it gets full, you simply empty out the bag. One of the more significant reasons for using condom catheters is to help control bladder control problems for those who suffer and may have restricted flexibility.

Emptying and adjusting a urine bag is much easier than trying to lift a person out of bed. Many healthcare professionals like the exterior condom catheters for men because of this. Depending upon which kind of exterior catheter for men you choose, you may have to modify the sleeve when you change out the bag. The sheath or the sleeve may be non-reusable or it may be recyclable depending upon the brand. You need to make sure that you are getting the correct size in to have the proper security and fit. If you get a sleeve that is too large it can easily let urine flow out, resulting in a mess for you to take care of.

The same thing can occur with a sleeve that is too small, as it can be difficult in putting on, and can be really miserable to wear, and it can also cause an allergic reaction. Check to see if the exterior catheter you want needs some kind of sticky material to stay in place. If you are looking to get the best male external catheters, then you can reach out to this well-known company. To learn more about their products, visit them online at

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