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Posted by Nicki Jenns on October 24th, 2018

To bring the addicts to the addiction treatment center is tough though it is really a big task for an addict to come out successfully of an addiction treatment program. It becomes a difficulty for their friends and family members to bring them to suitable treatment programs as most addicts deny that they are addicts.

The rate of denial among the addicts are quite high which is about 90% of the addicts refuses to believe that they are addicts as most of them deny that they are addicts.

This is the main factor why the success rate of such addiction treatment is low. Most of the people who are with an addiction refuse to undergo such treatments.

You want to bring them to an addiction treatment center and then you need to plan out an intervention program for them if someone you know is with a chemical dependency. To give moral support to the addicts and encourage them to enter a suitable mode of treatment, is what the intervention program allows you to do.

For the addicts who are in the denial phase of their addiction, these programs are the best guides for the addicts. With the help of other family members and some friends, you can plan such a program.

It is better to call an intervention specialist to guide you if you are organizing any such intervention program. About the steps which are involved in the addiction treatment, the specialist will guide you properly.

By giving examples of people who have successfully undergone these treatments and live their lives happily without any addiction, this specialist will also motivate the group. You can make your intervention program more effective with the help of the intervention specialist from Haven house addiction treatment.

1. Especially the family, who are willing to help the patient join the addiction treatment as the intervention specialist will ask you to form a group of people. It becomes easy for the addict to take a decision as the family members are more willing to give support to the patient.

2. You will need to inform the interventionist about it after forming the group. Beforehand, it is better to decide the goal of this group. Helping him or her until complete recovery, your group can either have a goal of just motivating the addict to join the addiction treatment center. The role of each person from the group should be noted down.

3. Getting guidance from the interventionist is the next step after deciding the goals of the intervention program about the various ways in which you all can motivate the addict, the interventionist will guide you.

4. The interventionist will check them and make them more effective once you are through with writing the speech, do add them in your speech if you get any suggestion, the emotions and your love for the addict should become visible through your speech.

5. You will decide a day to meet the addict and you will speak with him or her either individually or in a group after all this. There is a great chance that the addict will join the addiction treatment program if this is done well.

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