Dental care for kids ? for healthy teeth and gums

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on October 24th, 2018

A smiling face is always loved by everyone. A happy face with visible teeth creates a good memory. However, when the teeth are not healthy, would anyone smile happily cheerfully? No, the smile would not look good with darker or decaying teeth.

So, it’s right to say that teeth are important for everyone. Healthy teeth are responsible for a bright smile that is loved and praised by on-lookers. In order to get a picture ready smile, it is important that healthy dental care practices are followed since an early age. Make it a ritual to visit the best dentist in Dubai every six months to maintain good teeth and gum health.

Effect of bacterial growth on teeth and gum

Not cleaning teeth on regular basis can lead to plaque buildup. It is a layer of bacteria on teeth. Bacterial uses sugar from food for survival. While feeding, bacterial breaks down sugar on teeth into acid, which eat away the enamel causing holes or cavities. Plaque also causes gingivitis, a condition that is characterized by swollen, sore and red gums. Lack of regular dental cleaning can cause soreness of mouth. Even, regular eating will be difficult.

Therefore, healthy teeth and gums are vital for your child. You can avoid bacterial buildup and ensure strong, healthy teeth by ensuring your child cleans his teeth twice a day.

Practices for complete oral hygiene  

Regular dental care

Teach your kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day – in the morning and before bedtime. If possible, they should also brush after lunch and after sweet snack. Regular brushing is essential for breaking down the plaque.

Duration of brush

Brushing shouldn’t be done with great haste. Usually, a 2-3 minutes session is enough for brushing. It is good to brush all of the teeth, not just the front ones. Spending some time on teeth in back and along the sides is vital for effective cleaning. Always use a brush with soft bristles so that it cleans without damaging the gums. For small kids, use brushes designed appropriately for their age. Change the brush after every three months.

Cleaning the tongue

Bacterial can also take over the tongue. Cleaning the tongue helps clean the bacterial and keeps breath fresh.

Consult the best pediatric dentist in Dubai for suggestions on the right toothpaste for your kid, and if the use any antibacterial mouth rinse is crucial.

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