Engineering Explanation assignment

Posted by Winnie Melda on October 24th, 2018

Engineering Explanation assignment

Topic: Robotics in the manufacturing industries

What is your normative conclusion?

Manufacturing industries ought to use robotics in their day to day operations due to their associated benefits

What are the main reasons you will give in support of your normative conclusion?

  1. Robotics enhance efficiencies from raw material handling to the finished product packing
  2. Robotic equipment is flexible
  3. Robotics can be customized to perform the complex functions
  4. Automation through robotics is cost-effective, hence reducing the cost of production  

What normative principle will you use, or which ethical theory?

The use of robotics is not an avenue to risk the emergence of conscious suffering to the human race by taking over all their roles in the manufacturing industry.

Give a draft of your First Sentence.

The use of robotics in the manufacturing industries improves work efficiency and reduces the cost of production through their customized functions.


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