Top Mobile Payment Apps You Can?t Ignore in 2018

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on October 24th, 2018

Do you still carry cash in your pocket? I don’t think so. Why? This is because there are numerous payment apps that are getting popularity in the market. The life has become much easier with the introduction of these apps. No doubt, credit or debit cards are equally important, however, there are some shortcomings associated with them.  In order to resolve these concerns, mobile app development companies are working hard to offer flawless mobile payment apps.

Some Crucial Statistics

As per a research, done by Statista, the revenue of mobile payment was recorded 0 in 2015, which is predicted to cross trillion by 2019. The below-mentioned graph clearly displays the global mobile payment productivity from 2015 to 2019:

Today, in this article, I have come up with some apps are that are designed to make your life easier. So, take a look without any delay.

5 Popular Mobile Payment Apps

  • Venmo

Venmo is the second app that deserves to be in the second position in my list. The mobile service is suitable for those who are active on smartphones and likes to transfer money from it. Because of this, the payment app services are getting a certain position among the young people. It even ends the issue of splitting bills between the friends.

This app allows you to split even the least bill amount, from the allocation of the room rent to sharing the grocery bill; Venmo has the potential to do it all. Moreover, you can send money via your connected debit card bank account.

  • Square Cash

Fascinatingly, the organization kicked off its business into the domain through converting iPad or iPhone into a card reader. Nevertheless, soon it evolved as an alternative to transfer money. For unrestricted services, Square Cash’s users can have their “$Cashtag”. Due to this, the other person can forward the money immediately.

This app is available for personal, as well as business use. You need to have two different accounts for your better convenience.  The service is accessible in both the forms of app i.e. on Android and iOS. Therefore, now you can have the suitable payment app service with you every time in your pocket itself.

  • PayPal

According to app developers, PayPal can be termed as the mother of all payment apps because of its existence since 1998. It made its presence by signing a partnership with eBay, which is a multinational e-commerce giant. Then, the organization rapidly succeeded to become the number one preference of users for online payment services.

What I like the most about PayPal is, you can easily send or transfer the money to anyone without any additional cost. However, it certainly charges some additional fee while sending money with the help of convert currencies or credit card.

  • Apple Pay

The reason behind mentioning Apple Pay in the list is just because of reliability. Unfortunately, the app is not present in every region. However, it does provide a few tops of the line services. Apple Pay offers an effortless service and it works with all the Apple devices. It allows you to do safe purchases in apps, in stores, and on the web. In addition, you can send & receive the money from family and friends in Messages. 

For more convenience, Apple users’ have Siri at their service. It is a virtual assistant part of Apple Inc.’s watchOS, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and HomePod operating systems.  Siri allows you to transfer money with the help of your voice commands.

  • Google Wallet

Google Wallet has been designed with the help various modifications and finally, the latest edition seems to meet all the requirements of being a quick and safe option. One of the features that make it diverse from all the other is that the recipient does not require the mobile app to get the money in their bank account.

The quick and easy way of exchange money via Google Wallet can be simply managed in the app and on the web as well. It offers you the leverage to find out and keep the information secure and protected. Moreover, there is no need to enter the card information on multiple apps with Google Wallet. You just need to connect the application with it and complete the payment process.

Because of few added advantages, the Google Wallet saves your data with different layers of security. Google has the world’s most innovative security system, in order to keep the account secure.

Final Words

So, that’s all from my side. In the above article, I have discussed a few mobile payment apps that can come handy to do money transfers or make payments. In case, you are not known with any of the apps, it is crucial to understand the basics of these apps. Android or iOS app development companies are learning new technologies to offer your more advanced mobile apps so that the payment method can become effortless for you. Hope, you find this article useful. If you think I have missed any of apps then, you can mention in the comment section.

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