Best Top 8 Tips for Moving House with Kids

Posted by gghbn on October 24th, 2018

Moving house with children is not as easy as it seems and can lead to several problems and issues. Most of the time,the major issue faced is the emotional bonding of a child with their old space due to which they would not want to leave back their house. In such a situation, only understanding and communication and some serious witty tips help you. So, let us discover some of these tips in our house moving checklist to help you move stress-free.

Communicate and plan with them     

Our children may have no idea about what moving house is like. So, take your time to talk to them and explain them about it. Show them the advantages of moving to the new place and how it it is going to affect them positively. Tell them how they will get a space to play and do fun in the new place with their new friends in the neighbourhood. Try your best and put your best self before them to convince them.

Make them familiar to the “new neighborhood”

It is very important to take them to the new place before you finally move there. In this way, they would not feel the neighborhood to be a strange area. So, do not forget to give them a tour to the neighborhood before the final day arrives. It is also important for them to get an idea of the place as it is for you. Not knowing the area they are going to live in, will give them a strange feeling of being unwanted. Also, give them a chance to communicate with the people of the neighborhood area or let them make friends there, before moving.

Do not scatter their world before them

To children, their home is like their world. As they do not understand the actual meaning of moving from one place to another, they would never want to leave their home. So, the usual decluttering and packing of things and the rooms getting emptied, might give them the feeling of turning their world upside down. It is not at all good for the psychology of the child, as it tends to hit them deep inside. So, try to shift them somewhere before doing all these tasks so that, none of it happens in front of them.

Make them feel like home

The first thing that you need to do at your new place is not to incorporate big changes. If you want your child to feel like home, you must ensure that the atmosphere of the place is also like the previous space they were accustomed to. If they come to see big changes at the new home, it can make them feel like strangers. Try to balance the similarity between the interiors and the colors of the house to the previous house so that, it does not seem suddenly strange for them. Make sure that the transition period is easy and flexible for them.

Make their room ready first

Your child's new room should be your priority because they have left a place which meant the world to them and they would really want to come back to a place similar to that. Always remember that, the kids need more attention than you as elders. So, as soon as you shift to your new place, make sure that you invest your time to unpack their things first. Make their room ready with certain similarities to the previous room. Do arrange their study table, make their bed considering the bed sheets used earlier. Make everything to be sure that they do not feel that they are in a new room.

Share your responsibilities with them

Make them feel like they are important. It is quite obvious to organize a house warming party, at the new house. While you are organizing a party, do not forget that your child is also a member of your family and needs to be given some responsibility. Do not forget that they are also an important part of your family and wants to feel like other members too. Give them small responsibilities and congratulate them on fulfilling it as that would make their new home dearer to them.

Help them relax during bed time

Bedtime is the most crucial time for a child, especially at a new place. Cravings for the old home is normal during this time. Though there is an excitement inside them, at the same time, they also want to go back to the old place. Remember, the first day at the new house is going to be a bit tough for your child so do make sure you are spending quality time with them. They may not want to go to bed as easily as they do every day because of change in their space. Give them time, help them adjust and if possible, tell them bedtime stories. Also, do not forget to give them some dessert treats and make them watch their favorite shows and give them love cuddles to make them feel that nothing really has changed.

Do not let negativity overpower

When the place is new, it might be a bit difficult for you all to adjust. The time is quite unsettling and hectic as well and everybody has to go through this particular period of transition. In such a situation, frustration and negativity and stress is quite common along with the excitement of the new house. Remember, that your child is still innocent and do not let this negativity step in his mind. No matter how much stress there is,it should never affect the psychology of your child because it is also a harder time for the child.

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