How to Improve Your Credit by 100 Points in 3 Steps

Posted by Susan California on October 24th, 2018


Everyone searches ways to improve their credit points. But almost all the suggestions are similar. It happens as credit repair is not an easy task. Most of the cases, people cannot manage their credit card skillfully. They spend their credits in diversified ways – with no plans. The random usages of the credit cards help to fall their credit rating. So, this article will help you to know the necessary three steps that will assist you in the credit repair process. Let’s begin now.

Analyze the credit report

Analyzing the credit report is one of the most common suggestions. But many of the credit card users are unaware of the facts. Few hidden matters are involved here. When you analyze the credit card, you will come to know about the flow of your expenses. Instead of spending randomly, you should make a plan. The detailed credit card report will show you how the costs are. It will also exhibit which are the conventional sources for the expense.

Once you are familiar with the expense sources, you can control them. Rather than spending in small amounts, you can plan for something big. It will cover your all the needs. At the same time, the card issuer will have a positive impression on your card behavior. You may score a 100 in the raring that will ultimately improve your score without your credit repair. 

Skip cash withdrawal

The tendency of withdrawing cash using credit cards is a bad idea. When you withdraw the money, you have to pay that full amount. There is no discount or installments available in this particular case. So, you are in pressure at the end of the month or billing cycle. Sometimes, people withdraw cash to pay their other credit card bills. Initially, it may result in some relief. But in the long run, this is too bad for your credit history. Even more, credit repair is unable to fix such things.

So, the best way is to be aware of the bills and never withdraw cash using your card.


You know how much you spent using the card. So, it would be better if you do not wait for the bill to arrive at your email inbox. Instead, if you take steps to pay the bills gradually, it will help to build a better credit report. When you pay the bills in small amounts, it gets counted.

So, in those cases, you do not need any credit repair to fix the matters. Simultaneously, your credit rating improves to a great extent. Even you can get a 100 in your credit report for the regular payments.  

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