Poems That Turned into Songs: Some Are Here

Posted by Mudassar Ali on October 24th, 2018

Studying English is common in every school and college, and every child has to go through this subject while studying in school or college. Every one of us has gone through poems when reading an English book.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn some of the poems as it is but if we say that some of the poems are turned into songs, then everyone can easily learn it as it is with the music now. When you go for the top music chart worldwide, then you can come over a few poems included in that.

Have you ever thought that poems in a version of the song how it felt by the music listener? It is just magic added to that particular poem, and for the listener, it is quality in the song.

Many of the poets who have their famous poems in the worldwide are now being changed into songs and is relay getting famous as in the form of the song also. You know what reciting a poem simply is good but in the form of the song when it is sung, it is incredible.

Here are some of the poems that are converted into songs and is successfully adopted by the people and appreciated as the good music in itself.

•    The highwayman is the Alfred Noyes poem which is being converted by the folk singer Phil Ochs that put an acoustic touch to this famous poem. And the album in which it is included is I Ain’t marching anymore.
•    Nice very nice is the famous poem by the poet Kurt Vonnegut. The prog-rock quartet ambrosia turned some verses of this poem into beautiful music adding a catchy chorus and a chaotic but delightful bridge that is also famous among people who love listening to music.
•    The bells the famous poem by the poet Edger Allan Poe and is made more cheerful by the jingling rhythm of och’s guitar on the song from “All the news that a fit to sing”.
•    Under the greenwood tree, the fabulous poem by the poet Shakespeare and the poem is turned into a song by the famous folk-rock singer Donovan. He transformed its sonnet into a lovely track for the album “Wear your love like heaven”.

When the artist makes the creativity in the music, then it becomes different from anything. The spark that the artists have given to these poems is really appreciable, and people are loving listening to that music. Music doesn’t make any difference to the language and the culture but it is universal, and the listener only knows about the music but not what its language or what the culture it holds.

Music is the way to express the emotions where people love to hold it from the soul. Music when comes from the soul of the artist then it becomes the actual music and best for the listeners. Add music in your life and experience the positive effects of it.

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