Let?s Make Out the Difference between VoIP and UC

Posted by Ainsley Aiken on October 25th, 2018

Now, the globe of enterprise communication has transformed to a great extent and it is not unexpected that businesses aim at upgrading to the most recent technology. People who have studied contemporary enterprise communication systems are about to have heard about VoIP and UC that we also know as Unified Communication. When it comes to the amateurs, to them the terms may look like the same or mystifying but if truth to be told both the solutions have significant differences in terms of cost, scope, and intricacy.   

Cost: Despite the fact that it is not the major differentiator between Voice over IP and Unified communication, it is over and over again the one that matters most to the companies. VoIP is considerably cheaper to implement as compared to UC, though as VoIP use can be the primary step towards unified communication. Business people who are in the hunt for reducing the rates or those who previously go on razor thin boundaries are more on the verge of choosing VoIP as it facilitates significant savings over customary phone lines.

For your knowledge, putting a wide-ranging, and end-to-end incorporated communication solution into practice more often than not needs extra investment-money, time and manpower. Therefore, it is a practical option for big companies or those that can manage to pay for future proof system for the lasting period of time.        

Scope: According to the experts, VoIP is quite basically Voice over Internet Protocol and by and large, it performs what it says. The well-known fact is that businesses can direct their voice communication over speedy internet connections rather than via circuit switches. Unified Communication has a much broader range and takes in video conferencing, speech recognition, email, messaging, VoIP, and so on. You should be aware of that mostly the voice part of UC is power-driven by VoIP. In addition to this, a lot of hosted VoIP vendors facilitate added services like video conferencing and voicemail to email transcription. 

Intricacy: UC solutions come with scores of various components that are required to team up for presenting a general interface for the end-user. For your information, there are extra moving parts to speak in this. And VoIP is easier to arrange and turns out helpful ROI in a limited time span. What is more, UC projects can span months or even years and it can take several iterations to eliminate bugs or personalize the deployment suit the needs of the organization.

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