Selling a Car in Dubai ? Do?s and Don?ts

Posted by Mezin Hadad on October 25th, 2018

Want to sell your car in Dubai but confused where to start? Following are some simple guidelines to help you avoid the risks of second hand car markets and make it easy to sell your car. We have some simple dos and don’ts to make selling your car in Dubai, quick, easy and hassle-free.


  • First, get an estimated resale value of your car

Pricing your car just right is important to sell it fast and get the best deal.Did you know that getting a free car valuation in Dubai is easy! Simply use a free car valuation tool for an immediate valuation. It is available on websites of all leading used car dealers in Dubai. Simply enter basic details like the year of manufacture, make and model and kilometres travelled to know the market value of your car.

  • Choose Car Buying Service in UAE to help you sell your car

A popular alternative to either trading your car or selling it in a private sale is to choose a reputed car buying service. Most car buying services in Dubai offer you an option to either sell your car to them for cash or sell your car for you wherein they handle everything including advertising, enquiries, negotiations and delivery. Their team of seasoned car experts help you leverage their industry expertise, wide car dealer network and cutting-edge technology to take the stress out of selling your car.

  • Clear outstanding dues to get a clearance certificate from RTA

A car cannot be sold in Dubai if it has any outstanding loans on it. Once you clear all outstanding dues and traffic fines on your car, you need to apply for a clearance certificate from RTA. It is available at a nominal fee of 50 AED and all it takes is a couple of minutes. You can choose to receive the certificate either through email, courier mail or collect it at the Customer Happiness Centres in Deira or Al Barsha.

  • Get Annual RTA Road worthy testing

As per legislation in Dubai, cars must undergo tests to ensure that the car is roadworthy before you can transfer the ownership. Remember to have your car cleaned as also keep the safety triangle, spare wheel in a visible location before you take it to the test at one of the RTA approved VTC. You also need to carry valid vehicle insurance card and Emirates ID.

  • Transfer insurance

Remember to terminate your insurance coverage so that the new car owners can get car insurance in their name. Generally, if you have chosen a car buying service to sell your car for you, they handle it for you. 


  • It is illegal to put a notice or a ‘Car for sale’ sign or sticker on your car advertising its sale. So best avoid it.
  • Don’t accept a personal cheque as a payment of car as there is a risk that it may bounce and the buyer may be untraceable. You have the option to instantly cash your car with a car buying service and avoid any risks usually associated with selling a used car.
  • Don’t price your car too high. It could be a reason that your car finds few buyers. Choosing a car buying service helps you use the services of car experts who can accurately estimate the best price for your car.

Sell Car Online Dubai

Want an easy way to sell used car in Dubai? Car Buying Service helps you avoid all the hassle of preparing your car for sale, navigating through the complex legislation like RTA testing and transfer of ownership to take the stress out of selling your car.

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