Tips For Choosing The Right Golf Clock For Your Greens

Posted by Chomko LA on October 25th, 2018

Golf Clock falls in to the category of outdoor clocks and is designed to cater to the activities of the golf course and players. If you have a golf course which needsgolf clocks, the following general tips will help choose the right clock.

Chomkola Golf Course Clock


Golf clocks need to cover wide space of area hence is to be placed strategically to be visible to the participants and audience. A golf course is divided into 18 holes and is sprinkled with obstacles like fairway, hazards, rough way and teeing ground. Some golf course consists of only 9 holes and players play twice to complete the play.Visibility of the clock is very important here as each hole can be spanning huge distances. Ensure that you buy clocks with big dials and numbers and with ability to illuminate in foul weather.

Design & Style

Game of golf is considered elite and the entire ground where the game is played is nothing short of majestic. Lush green grass, trees, sand dunes, bunkers and waterholes decorate the entire ambience and the Golf Clock you choose must match with the back drop to stand out. Victorian style golf clocks are Rolex models are timeless and would suit your grounds very well. You can custom order the clocks so they represent the name of your establishment prominently. Also choose matching building clocks and post clocks for the walkways so you can increase the status of your golf club.

Power mode

Power backup is important for golf clocks because they are installed in open grounds where it will be difficult to deploy long power cables. The concept may not suit, because it will be expensive and bothersome to dig the ground and spread cables all over the golf course. You can opt for either battery operated clocks or solar powered ones. The later is a perfect choice for golf ground as it will avoid cables and will supplement power requirement with solar energy.


Up keep of Golf clocks may be expensive if you do not pick the appropriate pieces. You must ensure that the clocks are weather proof and have the ability to self synchronize. This way you will avoid cleaning them often and depute a special staff to synchronize the clocks.GPS fitted solar clocks will be the most suitable for the purpose as you won’t need to employ additional staff to clean or update time.

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