How do Investment Banking Companies Serve Customers

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on October 25th, 2018

NBFCs or non-banking financial sectors in India have been prevalent for a long time. But its advantages are realised right now. Thanks to the awareness that have been created stating the advantages of investment banking firms.

It has been assessed that in recent years NBFC in India has been outperforming banks. With the kind of services that are provided by NBFCs, there has been a rise in customer satisfaction as compared to banking sectors.

What makes these investment banking firms popular are some of the services that they provide. Stated here are some of the benefits.

1.It provides loans and credit facilities.
2.Performs as a great market trading instrument.
3.Acts as a great facilitator for merger and acquisitions.
4.Enables supporting investment in property.

NBFC in India is an investment banking company that is regulated by the Companies Act. The loan sanction procedures are quite easier as compared to stringent banks. Also, for passing interest rate benefits, there is a high probability for existing and new borrowers to get benefit from discounts and offers. NBFC can invest and lend. They do not accept demand deposits. NBFC is preferred over banks for a simple reason that banks have more rules and regulations and takes more time in processing the loan application.

The investment banking firms also pay heed to individuals with poor credit rating. A bank will never approve to shell a loan to a poor credit rating individual. On the other hand, NBFC will lend the loan out to you the only criteria being that a higher rate of interest will be charged. Concerning investment banking companies, most of them offer personal and retail loans. Various other loans such as home loans, gold loans and durable loans are some of the loans that are offered by investment banking firms.

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