How an Employee Appreciation Program is Beneficial for an Organization

Posted by octanner on October 26th, 2018

Employees spend the majority of their time at work and if the time spent contributing hard work goes without any praise, they can lose their motivation and interest in producing great work. Because of this, it is vital for any organization to appreciate their employees. Even a little workplace appreciation can go a long way toward boosting employee morale.

Companies with a solid employee recognition strategy experience stronger employee engagement, increased workplace morale, better customer service, and lower employee turnover. Recognition is all about acknowledging an employee’s individual efforts toward meeting your business objectives. It is an essential practice. Having effective employee appreciation program ideas is also essential, as it can help improve your organization culture. A positive workplace culture has a direct correlation to employee satisfaction, which can be a motivating factor in producing better work and staying with an employer for a longer period of time. It is also beneficial in creating a strong relationship between a company and its employees.

Now that you understand the importance of employee appreciation, here are some employee appreciation activities that are easy to implement and budget-friendly:

  • Afternoon Movie Trip: This type of excursion doesn't take weeks of planning. Employers can surprise their employees with free tickets to see their favorite movie in the theatre. Employers can also offer employees coupons or vouchers for of popcorn or other treats.
  • Hand-Written Notes: Making a habit of acknowledging employees through a handwritten card can work wonders. This may be seen as a small gesture, but it will make your workforce feel appreciated and happy. This action does not take much planning or preparation, just some words from a heart full of gratitude. The simple act of appreciating their work with the right words can go a long way.
  • Wheel of Gifts: Among other employee appreciation activities, this action is newer and more creative. It makes employee recognition a type of game that can be seen as amusing. To do this, create a spinning wheel that is divided into slices that each have a different gift option written on them. Ask your employees to spin it and choose their present for the day.
  • Exchange a Trophy: This activity is also easy to implement and budget-friendly. Purchase a traditional or creative-looking trophy for your team, and award it to an individual who’s outperformed their peers to keep for a short period of time. Every couple of weeks or so, have the trophy go to a new member of your team as a form of recognition.
  • Simply Say "Thank you": Whether it’s for work large or small, a thank you is a simple way of showing gratitude. Some business leaders take their employees for granted and think that saying these words doesn’t matter. However, this gesture makes a noticeable difference and is meaningful.

These employee appreciation program ideas should be an integral part of your company's culture. Employees are your organization’s most precious asset. Because of this, your company should show care and respect to increase to your employees and encourage a positive work culture.

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