Importance Of Having A School Bell System For Your K-12 School

Posted by John Adams on October 26th, 2018

If you are still using manually operated school bells it is time you switch over to contemporary School Bell System that do not need your presence to operate. School bell is an important component of the running of a school as it enables the management to control classrooms, students and staff. Having outdated school bells within your campus could lead to confusion and uncertainty because they may not be accurate in ringing and providing correct time.

 Wifi School Bell System

Computer Controlled Bell Timings


Computer controlled, GPS supported and wireless clocks systems are now in vogue as they are easy to install, operate and use. These clocks are controlled by special software that allows you to program bell timings well in advance and for long periods. The software will operate the bells according to the time table you have fed in to it, and you won’t need the help of an assistant once you have programmed it. K-12 schools now are opting for this modern technology as they find it greatly useful owing to their accuracy, punctuality and autonomy.

Operates With Existing Internet


It requires minimum effort and resource to run this School Bell System as it will only require a PC and the existing internet or Wi-Fi for the operation. A network of bells in a school can be easily activated by signals sent through the networking or Wi-Fi and it won’t eat into the reserves of your internet bandwidth. Most schools that have not opted for the system find time management increasingly difficult because of human fallibility to punctuality. An assistant may not be relied up on to ring the bell in time as he or she may be careless or tied up with some other important business of the school.

Provides Accurate Bell Timings

 Wifi School Bell System

Accurate time is another bother that school routinely experience as they are unable to get reliable time source to give the right time. With the modern school bell system powered by computer software and remote functionalities the bother is importantly eliminated. The system derives its time from computer networks that they get from GPS or NTP. The software developed for the School Bell Systems is flexible to allow you to alter your school time table whenever you need.

Adding something more to the reputation of your school is important because you are always on the radar of the students, parents and the society. By inducting a modern bell system in to your institution you are sure to win the hearts and consequently add more students to your ranks for the next session.

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