How are mobile apps working as a game changer in the world of digital marketing?

Posted by Fluper on October 26th, 2018

In the present times, digital marketing is just like a shelter for online marketing needs and efforts. There are various digital channels like Google Search, social media and email marketing through which you can connect with your current as well as prospective clients. If you are looking for a suitable marketing strategy then definitely a mobile app development company can help you in this context. A customized app can connect you with target audience at an opportune time, and then your digital marketing strategy can do wonders in this direction.

What is digital marketing all about?

When you try to build online branding, there exists a variety of assets and tactics that come under digital marketing. There are various effective aspects of digital marketing such as ebooks, whitepapers, interactive tools, social media, online brochures, and your website. There is no doubt in saying that the digital world is changing every day and hence it is becoming difficult for you to reach your online branding and marketing goals.

How are mobile apps useful in present times?

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with technological advancements and in the whole scenario; mobile apps are working as a game changer. There is no doubt in saying that mobile apps have influenced the lives of thousands of people and not only made life easier but also helping us in business building. Before the development of mobile apps, it was very difficult to send emails, online information search, online purchases, and client connections. According to a survey conducted by Fierce Developer, mobile apps and smartphones have unknowingly influenced human behavior. On an average, more than 50% of the time by mobile users is spent on apps.

There is various online lifestyle websites as well as eCommerce sites that are planning to shift their desktop and mobile site to an app-only eCommerce platform. This is happening because Android app development companies have realized the power of mobile apps and thus they are planning to move their online business to mobile apps. If you need better digital marketing results then you have to introduce a perfect and user-friendly app to your customers. This will not only improve user experience but you will also achieve long-lasting results. Digital marketers have properly understood the growing trend and this is the reason they are offering relevant app development and marketing services to clients.

How can you deliver your message?

Mobile has invented another marketing method and that is quite useful for businesses. There are various marketing channels that you can use to deliver a marketing message.
Just have a look at these effective channels –

Social Media

Mobile and social media are linked in different ways because the manner in which the audience is growing and responding to content is very similar. There are various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and there are approx 80% of users that are using mobile to connect.


Email marketers cannot ignore Smartphones and tablet as they represent a massive part of email interactions and revenue. Approx 61% of users read email on their mobile device.

Push notifications

Push notifications are interrupt-driven and this is the reason this virtually mobile-exclusive marketing tool is getting attention quickly. In a research conducted by Localytics, “Push notifications are the one that adds more value to the one that is triggered by the user’s stated preferences”.

Native and Progressive Mobile apps

Recently in the study, it is concluded that mobile users spend 92% of the time on the applications. This is because mobile apps provide an exceptional user experience. When a customer finds an app interesting then he/she is more likely to spend more time with the app.

Marketing Made Personal

Mobile marketing creates a better opportunity to personalize the digital marketing experience. The main goal behind marketing is to understand is to understand how much your customer wants to interact with your brand and on what channels. Besides understanding customer needs, you should also allow them to choose how they get communications. If they only want an email newsletter once a week then discusses requirements with your app developers. As a mobile marketer, this is one of the most effective tools as they are most likely to be a double-edged sword.

A Seamless Experience

With the help of mobile marketing, marketers can understand how users interact with their brand. Smarter marketing efforts that capitalize on the advantages of mobile are being developed all the time. For now, privacy protection, better data collection, and personalization efforts should be the primary focus as these are the most effective methods to grow customer relationships.

Wrap up

Mobile is heavily cemented into everyday life and this is the reason businesses are weaving themselves into mobile actions. Overall, mobile experiences are adaptable, personalized and unobtrusive and that’s why mobile apps are heavily cemented into everyday life.

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