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Creative Agency Los Angeles for Corporate Logo Design:

Posted by markwahlbarg on October 26th, 2018

To make a logo right, you have to do something more than a logo, we must create a corporate identity which is the basis of a brand.

If the brand is well designed from the beginning, it can last for many years as the visible face of a company, and become the most valuable intangible asset, capable of maximizing sales now and in the future. We creative agency Los Angeles have years of experience in this field.       

Following is the process offered by creative agency San Francisco: 


Since designing a brand always entails a lot of responsibility, before we, branding agency start designing, we dedicate a certain amount of time to plan very well what we are going to do exactly.

In this sense, we inform ourselves and document ourselves as much as possible. The vision of the company, the objective to achieve, what values we want to represent, what sensations we want to transmit, what kind of public and/or types of clients we are going to be focused, etc.

All this is collected by a document called 'Briefing' and it will be a solid basis for the subsequent creative work of the final source code.

Logo Design:

Once created the 'Briefing' we creative agency started to design the logo of the new brand.

One or several proposals will be presented and on the proposals presented, work can continue, until the full conformity and satisfaction of the client. In this way, the client has absolute peace of mind knowing that sooner or later, we will find the solution you are looking for.

If we do not hit the first one, at least we are shortening the fence and through good communication with the client. We always end up reaching an adequate final result.

The greater number of corporate adaptations, the brand becomes stronger. It is convenient to make a list of all those adaptations that we consider interesting for our company. Here are some examples of some corporate adaptations that we logo design agency usually design.

  • Corporate adaptations of stationery
  • Business cards - Envelopes - Letterhead - Folders - Rubber stamps - Order sheets - Letters - Invoices - Receipts – Contracts
  • Digital corporate adaptations
  • Profiles in social networks - Signing of the emails - Design of the news bulletin - Web design
  • Corporate adaptations of another type
  • Vehicle labeling - Facade labeling - Packaging - Canvases - Fair stands - Work uniforms - Signage - Furniture - Promotional gifts

If you are also looking for an agency in India, we are also a branding agency in India. Get in touch with us and have the best service from our experienced team.

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