Avoiding the Most Common Moving Injuries

Posted by Magliner on October 26th, 2018

For a lot of us, moving is one of the few times we’re lifting and transporting heavy, bulky, or awkward loads any distance. That’s also a reason why moving can actually be dangerous and result in injuries if one is not careful.

Thankfully, most of the injuries that result from moving can be avoided with some planning, restraint, and the use of appropriate tools. Below are some of the most common injuries that can result from moving and some the best ways to avoid them.

Strained Back

Among the most common and debilitating of all moving injuries, a back injury on moving day is generally the result of mishandling a heavy load. Whether one is lifting without equipment, with the wrong equipment, or using an improper technique, a back injury can put your move on hold. As is the case with the other injuries listed here, however, hurting your back during a move is also almost entirely avoidable.

The most effective strategies for keeping the back out of harm’s way aren’t very original, but they work. Before lifting anything sizable, be sure to stretch your back, arms, legs, shoulders, and hips. And, as cliché as it is, lift with your legs—it absolutely makes a difference. You should bend at your knees (Not at your back!) and hold the weight close to your body to help prevent injury.

The other half of an effective back-safety strategy is using the right tools. A dependable collapsible hand truck can prove a godsend for moving items. Collapsible hand trucks are great because they can be used as a standard two-wheel, vertical, small-platform hand truck, or they can become a (typically) four-wheeled, horizontal, long-platform pushcart-style dolly.

Inguinal Hernia

Hernias are a common ailment that can because, during moving, by straining when picking something up. The result of a small section of intestine pushing through the abdominal wall, direct inguinal hernias are painful and can be dangerous, sometimes requiring surgery.

Appropriately, the trick to avoiding herniation is not lifting anything that’s going to require excessive straining. Once again, that means having the right tools. For instance, if the move necessitates carrying heavy boxes, furniture, or appliances up or down stairs, that can involve not only straining with every step but risking other injuries as well.

The right tool in the case of moving big loads on stairs is a stair climbing cart. A stair climbing cart is a hand truck that is specially engineered to carry loads up and down stairs. They significantly reduce the risk of runaway, dropped, or tipped loads crashing down staircases. This is not only dangerous for the person carrying the load, but also for anyone else on the stairs as well.

Finger and Toe Injuries

Injuries to fingers and toes can sound less painful or debilitating than the earlier injuries. That perspective, however, might very well change once you’ve experienced one of them. Common trauma to digits during a move include: dropping things on them, stubbing them on items, and getting them mashed between two hard objects.

First off, always wear work gloves when moving more than a few light boxes. Even when you think they’re unnecessary, it can’t hurt to have them. Additionally, ensuring that there are no obstacles on the path being used for a move is always important. You don’t want to stub your toes on something you can’t see while carrying something bulky. Falls like that have been responsible for many bad sprains and wrist fractures.

And again, use the right equipment: You don’t want to drop a too-heavy load on your toes. Employing the use of the appropriate hand truck for the job can save your back and help prevent other injuries to make for a much more pleasant moving day.

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