MonoCrystalline vs PolyCrystalline Solar Panels

Posted by loomsolar on October 27th, 2018

You are thinking about buying solar panels for home, but here you confused about which type of solar panels you buy? Here you’re at the right place and our job here at Loom Solar is to assist you the best solar panels for business. In this post, you will know everything about the different types of solar panels for home use like Mono crystalline vs. Poly crystalline Solar Panels >>

Let’s start with the different types of solar panels currently on the market, list their advantages and disadvantages.

MonoCrystalline Solar Panels                    

@1 Mono Crystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates since they are made out of the highest-grade silicon. The efficiency rates of best monocrystalline solar panels are typically 15-20%.

@2 Mono crystalline silicon solar panels are space-efficient. Since these solar panels yield the highest power outputs.

@3 Mono crystalline solar panels produce up to four times the amount of electricity as thin-film solar panels.

@4 Mono crystalline solar panels live the longest. Most solar panel manufacturers put a 25-year warranty.

@5 Tend to perform better than similarly rated Poly Crystalline solar panels at low-light conditions.

PolyCrystalline Solar Panels

@1 The efficiency of Poly Crystalline based solar panels is typically 13-16%. Because of lower silicon purity, polycrystalline solar panels are not quite as efficient as mono crystalline solar panels.

@2 Lower space efficiency you generally need to cover a larger surface to output the same electrical power as you would with a solar panel made of mono crystalline.

@3 Mono Crystalline and thin-film solar panels tend to be more aesthetically pleasing since they have a more uniform look compared to the speckled blue colour of poly crystalline.

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