Custom software development phases and other details

Posted by Chetan Bali on October 27th, 2018

Customer software development services are the designing of software for a specific user and company according to their requirements. custom software development services provided by developers. For custom software development, developers need expertise on different development platforms.

Custom software development service process went through different phases like conceiving, specifying, designing then debugging. There are lots of software development companies who provide customized software development services to their users. Some companies prefer to hire freelancers as they cost less to the company but somewhere due to the lack of experiences they have, the company couldn't get the desired results, as they didn't check the hardware they are using. Which causes more errors in their coding and removing those bugs it costs more to the company. For software development must have or a development team must have the good skill set of knowledge, coding languages. And for that, a company must hire only experienced developers. There must be a verification team who have Q/A for developers who ask every detail of the software. There should be proper code reviewer who looks for any code lacking or anything which doesn't to the requirements of the company.

A custom software development company must follow a proper step by step process to achieve the desired results.

Detailed requirement analysis:-in this process custom development company must analyze the detailed requirements of the software. First, they need to understand what exactly a company want from them to do for their software.

Visualization of the idea:-Then there should be a complete visualization of the idea in the form of images and motion pictures.

Prototype creation: -firstly creating an early model or sample to show before making it useful to the end users so that if anything found unrelatable or irrelevant can be discussed or removed.
Development:-Then the development of the software must start after all the initial processes of clarifying everything.

Quality assurance:-Then there should be a quality assurance test on checking the quality. For quality assurance, one should have Q/A teams and reviewers.

Making it live:-Then after all this process software go live.

  • Before choosing a custom software development company one must know these aspects:-

  • How they price their services.

  • what are the qualifications of their team members who are going to work on the project?

  • How much time they spent on your project.

  • How do they measure the results in terms of keyword rankings, conversions

  • What is the execution process of the company.

  • Does the company verifies the result from the client.

  • What is the size of the company and on which level they work, which defines their expertise in custom software development.

In short, a company must check all the criteria of the software development company before finalizing them for work for you.
The experts of web developers, software developers are the special requirements of the company.

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