Exploring your career interest - A short walk through

Posted by Kathy Jones on October 27th, 2018

Career is an important part of life and no matter how many exams you have passed in school, the most important decision of your life is in your hands. You have your parents and teachers as mentors, but you need to gird yourself and start thinking about your life. It is never too late to start! Below are few tips that will guide you through the process of exploring your career interest.

Be Knowledgeable

If you hadve been aiming towards a specific career type for a long, long time – you might as well have all the required whereabouts about it. Luckily, if you still do not have it – there are ample number of platforms all around you to sort your worries out. For instance, if you want to work in an artistic field, one should research on the option in that field, the industry requirements and expected incomes - it will surely help you to plan and prepare for the next part of your journey. This step will also increase your confidence, helping you achieve a more secure stand to pursue your dreams by taking proper decisions.

Find Out Proper Resources

Take a creative approach– find useful contacts among friends and family who share similar interest. While discussing with them, you might assess what it is like to work in a certain field or you might realize that it would be preferable for you to get into an altogether different stream. This will also help you design your career and help you put your best foot forward in securing your place in the right college with the right course.

Be Aware of The Do’s & Don’ts’

Once you get hold of all the statistics and required facts, you should focus on building a Do’s and Don’ts’ list with proper reasoning. This will fool-proof your options and potential ideas, giving you a clear view about how you should establish your priorities. You will need to think about all the conditions applied to the idea of pursuing your interest, that includes the choice of subjects and weighing the chance of advancement in the path you’ve chosen to be the final one.

Seek Out The Nonesuch

If you feel a bit anxious, it’s better if you find a person to idolize and relate with – perhaps a famous, successful public figure who has gone through many hardships (challenge always brings the best out of us – don’t they?) – this will help you stay motivated and inspired. You will surely have a lot to learn from the mistakes and failures they’ve went through, and a lot to follow from the feats they’ve achieved and the hurdles they’ve defeated. Read an inspirational autobiography (or maybe two) and attend motivational and resourceful public talks like TEDx talk.

If you need to get past the boundaries of all the could’ve been-s and should’ve been-s in the future, you need to think seriously NOW– and back them up with adequate pros and cons list. One of the best and possibly the easiest way to do that is by focusing on your strength and your interest. Asking the right questions helps! Do you enjoy the hours you spend while researching in your favorite subject? Are you sure that you’re in love with that subject? 

If you are not satisfied with any of the answers you receive after asking these questions to yourself, it’s high time you take expert help. Settling for less is not even an option – whether it’s about work, life or relationships. Use the career aptitude test to gain greater awareness of your interest and insight into your behavior, needs and your way of thinking and reasoning. Career counselling from experts will assess whether you are prepared to invest 100% in your interest and then connect the dots to zero on the most suitable career.

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