Chilean IP Strategy in Open Public Consultation

Posted by Juanes Garza on October 27th, 2018

A public consultation on Proposals for a National Strategy of Industrial Property 2015 was launched in May 2015 by the Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI). The goal was to help the users to compile their ideas and to improve their IP systems for the next Chilean National Strategy of Industrial Property. It was drafted by INAPI. To improve the Chilean IP system, the final document would be included and the new ideas. Litigation of IP matters Latin America noticed the Chilean IP strategy. It gave many descriptions to the public related to the IP.

This consultation was open until June 16, 2015, and it would be extended. The interested parties could send their proposals first. During its analyzation, some industries would be evaluated. The IP was including the trademark and patent. In addition, if you want to know more about their derivates, learn it here. Litigation of IP matters Latin America would help you on it until you get a better place for your industry. Chilli would explore its natural and human resource only to take the IP. the open public consultation was a media to help the public knew more about their IP and how to create the trademark of their industry.

There was not a calculation and everything related to the price approximately. The open public consultation would be free for some general and basics information. You do not need to pay except if your industry got the law problems. Litigation of IP matters Latin America was the one who took the role in it. The IP matters were the one who could help you. However, if you do a plagiarism or got an accident, you need to access some files related to it. The public consultation was the way to enhance the communication. It was also a good teacher for the public. Chilli facilitates their citizen with knowledge and education of IP. Their local industry could go around the world and it means they were ready to export their locals. If the public got the problems on their trademarks and patent, the IP matters would give them more than just a consultation. They would help you in the court and to win the court. There could be a difference between the IP management in others state of Latin America and Chilli. It was because each country had its own procedure. Chilli sure if the public consultation would be very helpful for anyone who wanted to start on his local industry or for the investors who wanted to invest in Chilli.

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