Furniture made from recycled plastic

Posted by andrewmoura on October 28th, 2018

While on one side technology is changing every single day, the other side of the world is building sustainable solutions that don’t pose a threat to the environment. Plastic wastes are one of the major wastage that is creating problems for the environment and the habitat. Clearing the plastic wastage has been a concern for many conservationists till date and it seems a solution has arrived at last with many products made out of recycled plastic.

The recent addition to the list is the furniture. A company called Plastic Whale worked together with an office furniture installer company called Vepa. Based out of Netherlands, Vepa the team worked with LAMA Concept, a company that specializes in sustainable designs have come up with corporate furniture made out of recycled plastic. The furniture, however, is not entirely made out of recycled plastic. It’s a combination of oak and birch wood at poly-ethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is what is used to make most of the plastic bottles across the world. That’s one of the biggest wastage that was even threatening the ocean life because of the large amounts of plastic bottles thrown into the sea. Now, these bottles are collected to make these furnitures. For this project, the bottles were collected from the canals of Amsterdam.

The entire length and breadth of Amsterdam canals were surveyed for plastic wastes which were then fished out and made into beautiful furniture. Some of the furniture include boardroom tables, chairs, lamps, acoustic walls etc. The company says that all their designs are inspired by the whale. The partnership of Plastic Whale is crucial to this project. Plastic Whale claims to be the first ever company in this world that’s combating plastic soup. Plastic soup is all the plastics that are discarded into water bodies which are then sent to the seas/oceans.

Plastic Whale specializes in collecting plastic from waterbodies across the Netherlands and abroad to make better use of the collected plastic. When asked about why it calls itself Plastic Whale, the company says that the problem that they are facing is enormous like the creature. In fact, whales are one species that are highly vulnerable to this plastic problem. They are the ones who get impacted easily because of all the plastic in the water bodies. The furniture beautifully resembles the whale in its design.

The boardroom table is one of the beautifully designed pieces taking its inspiration from the creature. The table looks like the whale which comes to the surface of the ocean with its blowhole visible. You can quickly discern the similarities between the whale and the furniture. The boardroom table is made out of PET plastic and certified birch wood. The legs of the table denote the skeleton of the whale which again is easily discernible.

The sustainable solutions not only make the environment better but also captivates the users with its wonderful designs. If you’re planning to build an office, it is essential for you to get the best of the furniture. Talk with a few furniture installers and meet your requirements. There are some reputed installers in the Colorado Springs area.

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