How To Clean Hardwood Floor with Regular Mop

Posted by judithcollins on October 28th, 2018

Washing the wooden floor is part of maintaining them. If you cannot keep up with your floor cleaning, it will be difficult to clean them. Also, when you have a bit of dirt, they are likely to cause micro scratch if they are being dragged across your floor with people's feet.

When you go to the center of your local home building, you will find a different solution to clean your wooden floor. Microfiber mops are well washed, devices that are working well and are circling for years. There are also economic things. Things designed for hardwood flooring usually have a large, flat mop head.



Why you need microfiber?

It is safe for all finished wooden surfaces. It will not be scratched - provided you used it correctly and have a pad of proper size on it. They are lightweight and easy to use. They pick up dirt and dust well. They are great for large houses and small spaces.

Microfiber Mop for Your Hardwood Floor

Microfiber pads can be washed or replaced. Microfiber pads need to be easily removed. If it is frustrating to take off the pad, you will not want to replace them when needed. In fact, I have heard stories of people who cannot figure out how to trade the head and throw away the whole mop!

When buying a microfiber mop, the price is a factor. Refill costs are more important than the cost of the mop itself. In many cases, there is no replacement and generic name of the brand name. Generally, it does not usually fit in mop. Some brands are available only at certain stores. For your convenience, it may be easy to go to your local building center or supermarket to get a common brand or get one.

Durability and comfort are factors to consider when using. Some have telescopic sticks that are suitable for adjusting it to make it comfortable for your height. You do not have to frequently exchange your mop at all - just mop heads. Durability and comfort problems boil down to personal taste.

How to use your hardwood mop

The trick is to do a very long sweep. Please do not pick up the mop, please keep it on the floor. Please think like a vacuum cleaner. Please go with it. Do not stop, like a vacuum cleaner, do not lift the mop until you finish work. You can also pick up dust in your baseboards.

Lift more of your microfiber mop and you can get more scratches on your floor. You want to gently move a large part of the dirt. Those big pieces of dirt have the function of scratching your floor as you get under the mop's head. If you have a lot of big parts, you may want to rinse your mop regularly. To more information about hardwood mop visit

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