Silicon Valley praises the EU

Posted by Maryam Yamin on October 29th, 2018

 With regard to data protection, Europe is exemplary. Sometimes, Brussels gyrfalcons are the most useful

The object of the praises intoned last week by the boss of Apple was not the last iPhone or any other omniscient device, but -prepares- the European Union written by Right News.

To be more exact, the General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union, a regulation that reinforces since May to consumers inside and outside the borders of the Twenty-eight against the technology giants of Silicon Valley.

Tim Cook, for once with a tie, complained in Brussels about the "data industrial complex". With this, he referred to his sector, which uses the information it collects about Internet users "as an arsenal".

The CEO of Apple believes that the EU regulation plays a key role in the protection of consumers, and considers it exemplary, especially for their own country. Cook could be accused of opportunism.

Apple has not become the most valuable company in history thanks to data commerce, but through the sale of useful design products, but also very expensive. Therefore, the protection of privacy is hardly a problem for the company.

Its technological rivals - Amazon, Facebook and Google - amass multimillion-dollar profits thanks to the rampant spoliation of information about their customers. There is also the possibility that Cook's intention in Brussels was to show a friendly face, for a change.

Apple maintained a dispute with the European Union for the payment of 1153.74 million pounds in additional taxes.

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