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Posted by Pramod Prajapti on October 29th, 2018

Are you need drinking green tea in the UK. Pre Tea provides the best green & loose tea that can help you feel better, look younger, lose weight, and lower your risk

Pre Tea Workouts

Pre_tea_workouts is a great addition to the fitness enthusiast's arsenal. It is no wonder there is a media blitz telling you green tea is the latest greatest supplement. But it is no more "the latest supplement" than food is. Get an added boost when combined with #rawhoney, an excellent source of #naturalenergy
TEA STRAINER INSERT - Enjoy freshly brewed Pre-Tea anytime, anywhere. Allows your tea to move freely around the bottle for maximum infusion, whilst the filter lets you drink straight from the bottle.

100% STAINLESS STEEL | 100% BPA FREE | 100% DENSE - High-quality, brushed 18/8 stainless steel does not absorb any smell or taste. FDA and LFGB certifications guarantee the composition, smell or taste of your beverages will be in no way affected. Drinking cap and tea strainer are BPA- & phthalate-free for your health. Even better, green loose tea our bottle is 100% leak-proof for all kinds of drinks!
Handy, slick, and built to last even the sweatiest workouts. Feeling the heat? No problem, your infuser is made with an anti-slip grip.

The real beauty in your new Pre-Tea infuser lies in its innovative design. Your Pre-Tea infuses naturally as it moves freely around. Sip (or gulp!) it straight from the bottle when you’re ready to rumble. We know some like it hot, while others like a chilled out experience. Whatever your jam, your infuser will keep it that way for hours and hours. And hours.

ANTI-SLIP GRIP - The-anti slip texture keeps the bottle firmly in your hands, no matter how wet you get. 12H WARM & 24H COLD: Double walled vacuum-insulated stainless-steel drinking bottle.

We’ve yanked all the stops out for this one. Sun-soaked Sencha and healing turmeric get it on to give you one hell of a workout. Tangy cherry sings through, and oh my, does it harmonise with honey.

For any fitness enthusiast looking for their latest workout drink, look no further than PreTea. A great addition to any workout, green tea is all the rage for providing a great workout boost. We’ve all heard of the benefits of drinking green tea, but it normally conjures up images of drinking it to relax and unwind. What many people don’t realise is that green tea,... combined with the right ingredients can give you an amazing energy boost to help you with your workout.

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Phone: 0333 050 70670 (9.00am - 5.00pm)
Address: PRE TEA LTD, 2 Whitson Close, Rattray, Blairgowrie, PH10 7FE, United Kingdom.

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