Types of Circuit Breakers and Their Application

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The electronic world is prone to many different accidents and faults. Such accidents or errors in the system can be the cause of significant damage to property and even death to people. Effective circuit breakers are extremely important to handle cases of sudden voltage fluctuations. They represent the heart of an electrical system.

What is a Circuit Breaker?

Before digging deeper into this post, let us understand what circuit breakers are. Electrical circuit breakers are electronic switches that can function either automatically, or manually to help protect and control electrical power systems. Today, the design of circuit breakers has evolved due to sizeable electrical power needs and applications.

There are various and different types of circuit breakers that work differently according to the system rating and place of application, whether it is industrial or domestic use. The following is an overview of different circuit breakers and their application.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

A moulded case circuit breaker protects an electrical system by bringing together a temperature sensitive device and a current related electromagnetic device. The traditional types of MCCB make use of electromagnetic trip units that are interchangeable or fixed. By combining electromagnetic and temperature sensitive devices, these circuit breakers perform mechanically using the trip mechanism.

Depending on the application required or the form of protection to be installed, the MCCB can use a combination of various trip elements that offer protection against thermal overloads, short circuits, and ground faults.

High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

In today's current electrical power transmission networks, high voltage circuit breakers are used for protection and system control. High voltage can represent different meanings. However, in power transmission, it is always thought to be 72.5 kV or even higher.

These circuit breakers are always selenoid-operated, fitted with current sensing protective relays that function through current transformers. High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers work on a nominal voltage of 72.5kV, a current of 2000A, and a short circuit current of 31.5kA.

Single Phase Prepaid Electrical Meter

Single phase electrical meter is an instrument explicitly used to measure the quantity of electrical energy over a specified period. They are also known as watt-hour meter or energy meter. Kilowatt-hour or KWh is the commercial unit for expressing electrical energy. When you need to measure power in A.C, then the meter used depends on the electromagnetic induction principle. Single phase prepaid electrical meters are also referred to as induction type devices. This means that the energy measurement is based on the principle of induction. This is the reason why it is suitable for both industrial and domestic meters.

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