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What to Consider for Your Car?s Cup Holders

Posted by wolfgang on October 29th, 2018

While vehicle performance is crucial towards a car’s success, even the slightest nitpicks customers have with the product could turn them off from the purchase. One underrated feature that demonstrates the amount of thought you have to place in your design is the cup holder. These are supposed to hold as much as they reasonable should for the driver, whether it comes in the form of a cup of coffee or plastic bottles. As such, you need to take the following aspects of the holder into consideration:

The Location

While one obvious spot would be between the driver and passenger, you need to cover a lot of ground if it is a four or six-seater vehicle. A common tactic for the back seats is to have the middle pull down to reveal a larger arm rest with two cups, but an additional two behind your front set would not hurt either. Additionally, side pockets with cup holders are becoming increasingly common. If it is a hot day, it can keep drinks cooler for longer by hiding them in the sun for longer periods of time.

The Width

This tends to be one of the more problematic areas because designers try to aim for the most common drink that could fit in the holder. While it would work for a large majority of beverages, it does isolate drivers who bring bigger drinks with them from a fast food joint or the gas station. Some cars are implementing more ring-based holders to allow drivers to expand the holder enough to the point where it can be more flexible with any drink. However, this can come into conflict with the next aspect of determining cup holders for your cars.

The Depth

Ring-based cup holders are great for expanding enough width for your drinks, but they often lack a deep holder to keep it completely in place. Having enough width will guarantee that it will fit in the area, but having enough depth is needed to make sure it does not move around a lot and fall over. Plastic bottles are prone to sliding around areas with too much width, so having a deep enough area is necessary to keep it from spilling all over the floor of your car. It will also make you feel more comfortable placing the container back into the holder while you are driving the vehicle and not have to spend time carefully placing it.

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