Importance of Big Data in Gaming Industry

Posted by Software Testing on October 29th, 2018

Gaming industry is growing exponentially and big data is no lesser than a boon for it. The present article highlights its importance.

When it comes to playing games, engagement is the key. Whether for the motive of increasing revenue or for the purpose of staying ahead in the competition, a gaming company wants a better engagement for their players. Every click and the interaction of players with the game is meant for creating valuable data for the purpose of analyzing the engagement level of the players so that they can keep on coming back.

The gaming industry is growing exponentially with the introduction of more simulating 3D, 4D games. Need of analyzing the engrossment level of those who are fond of playing has been felt more than ever before. The real challenge is how the best use of the collected data can be made.

What is Big Data?

As implied by its name, big data is immensely large data sets which may be used for the purpose of analyzing patterns, trends and associations pertaining to the human interactions and behavior. It takes into account every single interaction made by the players. It is all about storing a large volume of a pure data solely for the purpose of analyzing. The real challenge lies in the fact how you make use of this gathered data.

As the gaming industry is growing and expanding. The role of big data is also getting crucial due to the accumulation of a large volume. The gaming industry all across the globe is growing at a rapid pace and  the top gaming companies are looking for hi-tech techniques for harnessing the best in-class technologies that can help them capture a large portion of the market. About 50 Tb of data is created per day by over 2 billion gamers all across the world. 150 GB data per day is generated by the games on social media. So, the technology is of immense use.

Indeed, the gaming industry is one of the major users of BD. Analyzers come to the conclusions about the taste, level of satisfaction and also their spending patterns. This can also be achieved when data is collected from a number of external sources. It is read, examined and analyzed thoroughly for the purpose of providing a better gaming experience to the players. In short, BD is a complete boon to the players. It is utilized primarily for the marketing purposes and for providing gamers a better gaming experience.

What is UFT?

UFT is an abbreviation that stands for Unified Functional Testing. It is an Automation Testing Tool originally from the MI or Mercury Interactive that was acquired by HP or Hewlett Packard in the year 2006. UFT is used primarily for the regression and for the purpose of service testing. Formerly, UFT was known QTP or Quick Test Professional. UFT certification is a HP enterprise scheme designed for the purpose of to ensure that their IT professionals have a complete knowledge of HP testing automation software.

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