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Solar Panel Mounting Structure Solar Panel Mounting StructureIn India

Posted by loomsolar on October 29th, 2018

Mounting Structure is important component to install solar system, Solar panels needs proper sunlight to Produce Electricity hence we use mounting structure to manage / install a panel in such a way to get maximum solar energy and provide Maximum energy to Home / office system.

What is Solar Panel Mounting Structure?

Solar panel mounting structure provides the base for the entire (many of) solar panels on your business and house rooftops. A typical mounting structure is made up of aluminium.   

Best Direction for Solar Panels Face in India

The performance of the solar panels depends upon the direction in which these panels are placed. The best direction to face solar panels is south, since here they receive the maximum sunlight. East and West directions also work well. North is the only direction that we should not want to put our panels on. Since India lies in Northern Hemisphere, south direction works best here.

Here are the latitudes of leading cities in India - States

Zone 1: J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand – 30-360

Zone 2: Rajasthan, UP, Delhi, Haryana, Bihar, North EASTERN STATES – 24-300

Zone 3: Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa – 18-240

Zone 4: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, AP, Telengana, Kerala – 12-180

Solar Module Mounting Structure Design and Manufacturer

We have developed different types of structures, including manual tilting and tracker structures which allow optimum utilisation. First we design then we manufacturer the mounting structure.

Types of Mounting Structures for Solar Panels                                                     

Rooftop Solar Mounting Structure >> Rooftop Solar Mounting Structure is used to fix solar panel with it. You can fix both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panel with it. This is ready to use structure of 1 kW, offered by LoomSolar You can connect 4 panel of 270 watt.

Solar Panel Mounting Structure at LoomSolar andLoom solar introduces portable solar mounting structure / solar panel stand. The portable solar panel stand is made of galvanized iron, the rust proof solar panel stand life is more than 25 years.

1. Mounting Structure (100 - 180 watts): - A solar panel from 100 watt - 180 watt of any brand and any make and you can be install 2 panels.

2. Mounting Structure (250 - 350 watts): - You can install 2 solar panels from 100 watt - 180 watt of any brand and any make.

3. Mounting Structure (250 - 350 watts): - You can install 4 solar panels from 250 watt - 350 watt of any brand and any make.


Loom Solar is India's premium solar brand store headquartered in Delhi NCR. It sells solar systems such as solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries for top brands with Installations, government approvals and promised delivery within 3 days across India. It is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also recognized as Startup by Government of India.

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