Things You Need to Check Before Striking Deal with a T-shirt Printing Partner

Posted by Pratik Shah on October 29th, 2018

Having a t-shirt business comes with a lot of challenges. Especially, when you are a startup and sell t-shirts online. There are a lot of things you need to deal with. Whether your website works properly or not, what are the preferences of your customers when it comes to t-shirts etc. These days, a lot of t-shirt store owners integrate a t-shirt design tool with their website using which, their customers can design t-shirts of their choice and order them online.

For several startups and SMEs, investing into a t-shirt design software asks for a certain amount of investment. Due to which, they cannot have a printing facility of their own or print the t-shirts by themselves. They need to get in touch with a t-shirt printing partnerwho can obtain the print-ready files from the e-store owners and print t-shirts in bulk and otherwise based on their requirements.

If you are one of these e-store owners looking for a t-shirt printing partner, we have come up with a checklist for you to go through before you strike a deal with them. So, without further delay, let’s try to know about what all you need to check:

Quality Comes First

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher said, “Excellence is a habit”. I would further say that excellence is more of a feeling that one gets after the product or output receives appreciation from the buyers. Any sale isn’t just about delivering the customer with the product and get it done with. Let’s say your customer designs their dream t-shirt using your t-shirt design software,and your printer ends up doing a bad job. In such a case, it can create a bad impression on the part of your brand.

Some printers use poor methods to print t-shirts which will make your customers feel like they are wearing an uncomfortable and cheap badge on their t-shirt. They also use a lot of ink to make up for poor quality craftsmanship. Ensure that you do not accept this kind of work.

Attention to Details

The little things. Yes, they do matter. Customers who look for personalization have become very peculiar about the font, design, image, quotes and even the color outline of the t-shirts they have designed. In case you fail to render them with the exact design, you will disappoint them. Also, sometimes the print-ready file lacks clarity in terms of spelling and color combination resulting into illegible print.

To avoid an issue like this one, you can request your customers to resend the file in another format or choose different color combination. Don’t suggest too many changes and ensure that the t-shirt design tool accepts all kind of print ready files. Thereafter, work with your t-shirt printing partner and ensure that the print t-shirt exactly in the way your customer wants.

Uniformity Matters

When you strike a deal with a t-shirt printing partner who provides you with t-shirt printing on yearly, quarterly or monthly basis, it is important to check that they maintain the consistency of the production. For example, if a certain corporate places regular orders with you, you need to provide them with t-shirts on regular basis. In such a case, you must ensure that there are no visible variations in the corporate colors.

So, how can you ensure that your t-shirt printing partner copes with the consistency you are looking for? Well, you need to keep a record of orders, the type of printing techniques you want the printers to use and define the style of t-shirts you want. A t-shirt design software can help you do that. An experienced t-shirt printer will consider parameters like room temperatures before printing t-shirts so that they can keep the quality of production consistent.

It is always good to rely on a company that can provide you with superior quality t-shirts for all occasions. Right from the ones suited for events, parties, corporates and of course, individualistic. The company that you strike a deal with must have good amount of experience in printing t-shirts and a portfolio you can rely upon.

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