All the tough and gentle Valentino you can think of are all for you!

Posted by alice on October 29th, 2018

As a representative brand of fairy skirts, Valentino has really become more and more popular these years. In addition to its iconic fairy painting style, rivets are also a representative element of Valentino. In the past few years, a pair of rivets decorated with high heels can be seen everywhere in the world. Almost to the point where no one knows. In recent years, its family has been inclined to the simple and immortal style and various kinds of single products of the Ma Caron color system.

Today's bag is beautiful, and Mr. Orange is going to recommend the Rivet Fairy Bag, Rokstud Spike from Valentino

The bag is full of rock and street culture and fashion flavor, Macaron color is very gentle, neutralizing the bag's strong feeling.

The handbag is made of classic rectangular profile and the material of leather is excellent. Handbag surface with craftsman's exquisite sewing technology, inlaid rivets to make a punk dot pattern, once again proves that conture high-end customized fashion can become a trend, classic traditions can also be a personal style projection of the collocation.

Ice ice through the three looks deduction of this handbag, the picture left a pink suit with the same color pink handbag, although it is a gentle tone, but the bag on the rivet elements plus the dress of the neat tailoring, all reveal a gentle and handsome. The champagne dress on the right side of the picture still matches the same color handbag, elegant and fashionable. And the black coolgirl sense of the picture is soaring.

Yang Mi also chose black, and the texture was echoed with black boots. A hard and sleek fashion.

Ka-ling's sister, a pale pink Sequin dress, goes with the pink rivet bag at Valentino new store. The older the older sister Ka-ling is, the more comfortable she is to control the skirt of fairies.

Song Qian, who had been on the coolgirl line, was equally girlish in her white dress, and looked a lot softer with an orange Rockstud Spike. It's nice to change your style occasionally.

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Anita Yuen and Joey Yung chose the white bag, and the two wore red skirts at the same time. You will find that the white bag can light the whole look immediately. Summer is really a light colored bag.

Xiong Dailin chose this year's new color haze blue, high-grade grey color has gradually become our favorite. But Xiong Dailin's outfit was destroyed on her boots, the color was old and the length was awkward, completely covering her thighs.

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