Finding grocery stores around you in now a cakewalk. Learn how!

Posted by Giani on October 29th, 2018

Think of Grocery Shopping like an art and you know what you have to do! However, there are certain do's and don'ts that one must keep in mind whether you are searching for "grocery store near me" online or thinking of online shopping. We are here to equip you with these do’s and Don'ts! 

  • Do have a fixed plan in mind and DON’T browse or move around aimlessly.

Why you need a grocery list? So, that you don’t end up lost. Avoid being all over the place. Time is precious, even at the grocery store ensure that you are efficient with your time. Planning helps you to stay focused on what is needed and avoids wastage. Shopping without a plan makes you vulnerable. So, how do you go about this and avoid letting food rot at the bottom shelf of your fridge. Take a few minutes and draft a plan that includes what you’d like to eat over the course of the week. This strategy will certainly help you stay on track!

  • DO get a hang of staples. DON’T purchase small quantities again and again

This will help you save a lot whenever you plan to go grocery shopping. If you know your staples very well, you don’t have to search for "vegetable store near meagain and again. Rather, you will simply stock your main supplies. But for this it is important to know your choice so you can avoid wastage. Also, purchasing oatmeal/rice/beans or frozen berries in bulk helps you to procure more discount as compared to purchasing them in a small quantity.

  • DO stick to the perimeter. DON’T get sucked into fancy packaging.

Be mindful of what you are purchasing. Don’t just look for fancy packaging and good essentials. Make sure that you lay more emphasis on the real quality of the produce. Dried beans, legumes, rice and other grains make sure you purchase all this knowing its original quality and shelf life. Nuts, seeds, spices, and canned vegetables and fruits all of this have to be purchased as per quality and not fancy packaging. Keep this in mind while searching for vegetable shops near you.

  • DO be aware of the season and DON’T ignore about the food.

Research about the food, it's season and nutrition prior to purchase. Never ignore its nutritional composition as that is the primary purpose.

  • DO choose a less processed option. DON’T try to eliminate processed foods.

Include Healthy foods like oatmeal, dried lentils, chickpeas, milk, and roasted almonds in your diet. Eliminating processed foods altogether from your diet is practically impossible. All food tends to be processed to some extent. Learn to select the best.

Purchasing grocery near you is really simple with these dos and don’ts. Stay nutrition focused even as you go grocery shopping!

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