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The Oil and Gas Industry operates in an unpredictable market. A recent roar in the Oil and Gas industry has ignited the need for innovation and investment in the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) to ease margin pressures, optimize the performance and address costs.  

The IoT is a game changer in the alteration of drilling, exploration works, and production. Majority of the activities take place in remote locations where many assets, pipelines, and oil tanks need to be monitored and controlled very precisely. Internet of Things has the potential to connect field workers to applications and infer real-time data analytics, a safer working environment, asset management for taking quick decisions and predictive maintenance.

Biz4Intellia, an end-to-end Industrial IoT solution, is helping the Oil and Gas industry to form a sustainable business model by providing the controlling solutions for respective challenges.

Oil and Gas industry has faced various challenges till now like pipeline leakage, an explosion in the oil tank, oil well spills and many more. The Biz4Intellia end-to-end IoT solution eradicates these problems and hence provides a complete controlling and monitoring solution for better efficiency. 

Biz4Intellia Monitoring and Controlling Solution for Oil and Gas Industry:

The oil and gas (O&G) industry were already whirling from a fall when crude oil prices dropped below per barrel in December 2015. Industry specialists believed that lower prices will stay, and the usual approach—cutting costs—is no longer enough to stay profitable. In that ever-growing business environment, O&G manufacturers were looking for unique ways to monitor expensive capital assets and use data to increase efficiency, drive better performance and enable innovation.

IoT Oil and Gas

The search for new innovation is driving an eruption in IoT technology investment in the O&G industry. IoT integrates smart sensors, machine-to-machine connections, and data analytics resulting in benefits like increased efficiency, reduced costs, and better productivity.

Here are few real-world use cases of IoT in Oil and Gas Industry catered by Biz4Intellia-



Monitoring of the level of oil or gas in a tank was possible without Internet of Things but controlling the cause was not. With the adaption of Industrial Internet of Things in Oil and Gas Industry, the Real-Time management of Oil Tank Level has been a reality now. Biz4Intellia End-End Industrial IoT solution empowers you to monitor and control Oil Tank level in Real-Time. It’s a 3-step complete process-

  1. IoT devices such as Sensors and Valves are installed in the tank.
  2. Tank level measurements, ingested by sensors, are communicated wirelessly to the cloud via IoT Gateway. Tank level data are displayed in the management portal (App Dashboard) via PC or mobile device.
  3. Just before the Oil Level inside Tank reaches the threshold, alerts are sent and just by using the App, the concerned person will be able to control the IoT valve which will prevent the additional Oil flow to the Tank when closed.



The footprint of Industrial IoT in Oil and Gas industry enables the real-time pipeline leakage detection and control. Biz4Intellia End-to-End IoT Solution empowers you to Get the real-time field data, Detect leakage in real-time, and Control the Oil flow remotely.

 Pipeline Leakage Detection System

This is how it happens-

  1. IoT devices such as sensors and valves are installed throughout the pipeline.
  2. The real-time data collected from sensors is communicated to the cloud via IoT Gateway. Accordingly, Pipeline data is displayed in the Management Portal (App Dashboard) via PC or mobile device.
  3. Whenever any leakage is detected, alerts are sent to a concerned person and enabling him to control the Oil flow in the pipeline by interacting with IoT valve via Mobile Devices.  

The emergence of disruptive technologies, like the Internet of Things, has changed the way the world works and brought a new way for innovative technologies. The core focus of the Oil and Gas industry has always been on making the monitoring system more efficient and controlling them accordingly. IoT has offered many great opportunities to automate many processes and hence increasing their potential.

Monitoring the systems in remote areas used to be a difficult task for many companies in the Oil and Gas industry. But with the emergence of IoT and a real-time implementation of the technology by Biz4Intellia has brought new opportunities out of adversities for many Oil and Gas Companies.

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