My Beagles - Man's Best Friend

Posted by RooferGuy on October 29th, 2018

My Beagles - Man's Best Friend

Beagle Dog Breed

I've got a couple of Beagle dogs, and I just adore having them around. They are such a friendly, good natured dog, and so good with children. 

They also get along with all the other dogs in the neigbourhood and I've trained them get along with my cat.

They do occassionaly bark when a person they don't know visits us, but they are easily won over after a bit of a pat - so for that reason the beagle doesn't maked a good guard dog.

The one thing that they do love to do is go hunting, and they love hunting together, bit like a pack, so I plant a few treats in the backyard and then get them to go hunt.

I've had other breeds of dogs before, but for my the beagle is my favourite, they intelligent, very curious and rarely aggresive, not to mention, they have an awesome sense of smell.

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