What is Search Engine Optimization ? A Brief Article

Posted by Imran Khan on October 30th, 2018

What is Search Engine Optimization – A Brief Article

Keeping things simple, Search Engine Optimization shortly SEO is a streategy to make your articles search engine friendly in order to get more organic traffic.

What is Search Engine Optimization – A Brief Article

So before proceeding to article, the first question might be in your mind is, why the search engine will like your website more?

This is because, when visitors are searching for the topics you write about, the search-engines will be more likely to suggest your website as a place to go for the sepcific information you want.

To understand Search Engine Optimization, Let’s consider my example.

I once create a website for my friend

Lubna Karim, who is a professioal organizer. After completing her website, we had some interesting discussion about that went like this:

Lubna Karim: Ahhh! We just lunched our website, but I did not get visitors to my website, what’s the matter?

Me: This is because having a website doesn’t gurantee you’ll got organic visitors.

Lubna Karim: But why? To me it seems like somebody search my website on google “Professional designer [in our city]” my website should come on top, But it does not. Why?

It is a good question (and even once she found highly frustrating).

The truth is, that landing on the front page of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) is no small feat.

Imagine how would visitors see your website among in billions of pages, ranking for the top position for a particular search query is extremely difficult. Because there is a very high competetion.

How Most of the Search Engines works

Search engines basically use robots that crawl the internet constantly and fetching the informations. Read below how these robots works.

  • Visiting and revisiting pages
  • Indexing the pages
  • File and store

When Human visitors searching for information online, this is how they find their information:

They come to any search engine like Google.com, Bing.com ec.

Type their phrase of search term (“query”) and hit search.

Search engine quickly looks through the pages they indexed through their bots, and fetch all the result from their database in the form of list.

Search engines determines which search results to show purely based on many factors. The exact algorithms these results are closely-guarded secrets and is highly complex. And the algorithms change continuously.

Importance of Search Engine

A search engine like Bing and Google is essential. When a web page on our site displays on top of the search results for a particular term and search query, it is very worthful. It’s  just like a golden needle getting found in a hay-stack.

As you have notice not many searchers go over to the second and third page of search results (do you?). Imagene If your site appears on the first page for a particular search term, It means more traffic to your website.

So, different bloggers and website owners around the globe are continuously trying to make their website more SEO-friendly so that the search engines will show their website pages on the front page.

Of-course, this won’t happen at all if the search engines don’t know your website exists in the first place. As I discused in detail above, when your website has been indexed, this means:

  1. Spiders found your website (huh!)
  2. They crawled it (Yeah!)
  3. They find out what your website is about by reading your content.
  4. They then organised, filled and store information about your webpages in their enormous collection of already indexed webpages.
  5. They then determine how to rank your webpages among other related webpages based on some secret algorithms.


Search Engine Optimization is all about doing each and everything which you can do or remove any hurdles that the search engines bot might encounter during the above 5 steps.

SEO is about making your website more easy to read and is able to present your website to search engine spiders more attractive. Remember, the more search engine spiders get throught to your website the more is the chances to rank high your website. So try to remove dead and broken links.

Author: Imran Khan

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