Important of the Bulk whats App Software Service.

Posted by webnestinfotech on October 30th, 2018

The best way to reach people is Bulk SMS service which is an easy-to-use bulk mobile messaging software that can be used to send SMS to a list of phone numbers from a personal computer using any compliant modem or phone connected to the internet. The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file, excel worksheet or access database. Besides the ability to send SMS in English, the ability is also there to send SMS in any other language supported by Unicode which makes it a unique product for businesses located anywhere in the world!

The Key Features are:

Webnest Infotech is used to send SMS as well as WAP Push to a list of phone numbers.

Send SMS in English language (GSM default alphabet)

Send SMS in other languages supported by Unicode.

Send Flash bulk SMS (i.e. alert messages for immediate display on receiving mobile phone screen)

Import phone number list from text file.

Import phone number list from Excel file and Access database using criteria filter.

Save messages as text files, and import text message from text file.

The popularity of this in India is on the rise because of its handy, simple and dependable nature. A simple phone message can convey the information effectively which might not be possible otherwise because if the recipient is in an important meeting or their phone is unreachable. A simple message can convey the information without wasting anyone’s time. Being reliable and cost efficient, many entrepreneurs have already started using the short messaging services to market their products and services. Bulk what’s App Software & Bulk SMS marketing refers to a sort of mobile marketing that uses short message as an efficient tool for promoting products and services.

Marketing through short messages helps acquire guaranteed results. This is because the deliverance rate is around 70% as compared to television, direct mail and radio. Moreover, above 90% of the customers are liable to read the message and this is because the cell phone has become a trusted mate for customers since they always carry it with them. Unlike any other form of advertising, you need not spend time in promoting your products when it comes to this form of marketing. This can be taken care of by reliable that sends out thousands of messages to customers within a brief period.

The best benefit of bulk SMS is that you can send text messages to a huge number of mobile phone owners. These days you would not find a lot of people who do not use a mobile phone. Therefore using recourse to bulk SMS service you can communicate your message to most of your target customers. In bulk SMS you do not have to type the SMS in your mobile and then send it to the people. As an alternative you use a PC to get the message typed and sent to your database numbers. This service is extremely efficient and price effective. This is why most of the businesses with international existence are using this strategy to market their product/services. For more information visit our website details:

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