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Posted by David Harper on October 31st, 2018

Everyone loves to have a well-decorated, welcoming and magnificent home. But, just building one is not enough. The more sophisticated your home is, the more you will have to invest in maintaining it. Nothing lasts forever. You can't just build your house once and feel that you are done, and you don't have to spend any more on it. In the maintenance part, you will have to renovate it, replace some old materials and install better technologies. But, it is always advisable to keep renovating certain features in a period rather than keeping it to be replaced at the end moment, as you end up spending more in the later situation. You can also get some new furniture like rattan sofa, which are in trend. Let us see some of the furniture that you need to include while renovating your home.

1) Install new lights

The entryway to your home should always be lit because it gives it a more welcoming feeling and also for safety purposes. Other than ensuring that there is a lot of natural light coming in, also invest an amount to get beautiful lights and install it. You can get the lighting fixture overhead or some lamp which you can place on the small tools outside the entrance. Golden lights look warm and are an excellent option to lit up your entry. Be it day or night, make sure that the entrance is well-lit.

2) Entryway fixtures

It would help if you never missed this while renovating your home. You need to check the doorknobs, switch plates, hooks; outlet covers on a regular basis. These are the minimal essentials which need to be perfect. Go for switch plates which match well with the decor of your room. You can also go for fancy doorknobs which match the color of the doors.

3) Invest in some seats

Be it one single chair or a bench; it is always advisable to keep a seat just after the main gate. How many times have you wanted support while removing or wearing your shoe? If you have a seat there, you can easily do so, and the places can also be used to keep wet raincoats or umbrellas if it is pouring outside. You can even sit there during the evening and watch the sunset while you see your kids play in the garden.

4) The shoe rack

Many people tend to forget to take care of the shoe rack, but it is one of the essential things to be remembered. Have a shoe rack just at the entrance so that you can your guests can remove their shoes and then enter your home. You can also place a fancy doormat just below it which indicates that the shoes have to be removed. If you don't have one, then get a new one and if you have one where the racks are no more strong enough to take the pressure, then get it replaced or repaired.

5) Get plenty of hooks

You don't want to pile your clothes and create a mess which you have to clear after a few days, do you? It is advisable to have hooks because you can hang your clothes there and it becomes little easier to get that stuff organized. The hooks can hold your coats, hats, jackets, bags, umbrellas, purses and everything.

6) Organize your living room

The more organized your living room is, the more spacious and attractive it looks. None of your guests go to your bedroom at first. They visit your living room at first, so it has to be welcoming. You can go for sofas which have boxes so that you can store some of your items over there.

7) Make it bright

Gone are the days for neutral shades. Everyone loves to have a home with some colors, so go for bold textures. Have bright lights in your living room. You can install some floor lamps, wall sconces, tabletop lamps or even art lights to make it warmer.

8) Make room for greens

Earlier, people felt that having plants inside the room is going to make it messy with all the mud and sand. But, having plants inside the room is one of the best ideas now. They provide with fresh air inside the room, and they also look good in any decor. Be it the bright walls or neutral shades; it goes well with both. You can even some flowering plants on your coffee table.

9) Renovate the kitchen

If there are appliances in the kitchen which are not working well, replace them with energy efficient ones. They can save up to 10-50% of the energy that is being consumed now.  Also, if you don't feel it is necessary to install new cabinets, paint the old ones. You can also use some fun wallpaper to retouch your cabinets. Keep the countertops of your kitchen fixed, if needed.

These are some of the critical things that you need to keep in mind while renovating your home. It is advisable to maintain your home and have a check on it regularly so that you don't end up spending too much due to some significant faults. Get the best furnitue ideas from

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