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10 Apps to Earn Free Google PlayStore Credit and Gift Cards

Posted by timrun on October 31st, 2018

Google Play and Apple's App Store have been in constant battle since the launch in 2008 (Google Play was called the Android Market).

For downloads and available apps, this app was once behind the store, but Google Play has returned.

In 2014, ultimately beat the App Store for most apps and downloads.

Since more and more people switch to Android, there is no wonder that the demand for Google Play Credits is increasing.

Let's get some of these reputable credits. Do not forget to get them cheap - you can get them for free!

What are Google Play Credits?
Google Play Balance is like a virtual currency for the Google Play Store.

If you want to buy a song, app, book or something on Google Play, you usually use a bank account or PayPal account to complete the purchase.

If you can use Google Play balance in the past to use money from your account, you can also use Google Play balance.

In fact, Google Play credit is like gift cards.

However, they have a high credit balance. If you decide to use it, you will first be applied to your purchase.

If there is an outstanding balance, then balance will be deducted from your linked account.

Best of all, they will never end, unless they want to keep them in your account, they will be there!

How do you redeem them?
You can buy a Google Play gift card (or receive as a gift) which is available in many stores, stores and online.

I will also discuss a number of free options on which you can earn them!

You can add Google Play Credits to your account by adding a Google Play Gift Card or a code to your account.

First, find your account in the app.

Click "Redeem" and enter a coupon code or gift card.

Press Redeem, and it will be applied to your account immediately!

When you buy something on Google Play, you are asked how you want to pay.

Then you can use your balance or you can save it again using your linked account instead.

Google Play Credit Hacks! Get Free Google Play Money
Swagbucks is the most popular award app for many of my favorite reasons!

Swagbucks is very easy to make prizes in a variety of ways so it will not be boring. And Quickly Add Awards!

If I use it often, I broke the gift card every two weeks, and it can not be easy.

You can participate in surveys, play games, buy online, watch sponsored videos, watch your friends, discover new products and companies etc.

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