Should You Worry About GMOs in the Cannabis Industry?

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The acronym carries a lot of baggage in our society. People have weird misconceptions about what it means that are often based on a mixture of superstitions and half-baked scientific theories.

Discussions about GMOs infiltrated the cannabis industry a long time ago. Who doesn’t want to smoke designer bud? However, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, no one has created GMO cannabis seeds.

GMOs and Cannabis

The first real GMO breakthrough came in 1973 when a scientist created the first official Genetically Engineered (GE) organism.

This little sucker was a bacterium, and they spliced one specific gene into it from another organism. The gene imbued the original bacteria with a specific type of antibiotic resistance. When they spliced the gene into the other bacteria, it too began to have the same antibiotic-resistant properties. So that’s GMO.

GMOs are used in all kinds of food supply channels. Plants that conform to uniform standards and fall within known parameters are easier to industrialize. GMOs allow farmers to increase their yields.

We’re scared of GMOs when we think about the potential negatives, but we love those bright yellow bananas in the grocery store. GMO is a complex issue that can’t really be called “good” or “bad”.

To date, no one has really made a full-blown GMO cannabis seed. The mad scientists who grow cannabis now are using the old-fashioned method of plant breeding. They’re just taking it to a whole new level.

The 2015 Monsanto GMO Weed Hoax

Three years ago, people were tricked into believing that biotech company Monsanto had developed the world’s first GMO cannabis plant. This turned out to be completely false.

According to Monsanto’s website “Monsanto has not and is not working on GMO marijuana.”

Yet, the Hawthorne unit of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company became the first major U.S. Corporation to invest in the cannabis industry. They’ve purchased multiple cannabis-related companies, including General Hydroponics and Sunlight Supply.

In most markets, Scotts is the exclusive advertiser and distributor of Roundup, Monsanto’s biggest product.

So, while Monsanto isn’t in the cannabis industry directly, their number one retailer of their number one product, RoundUp, is now the number one company in the hydroponic supply industry.

GMO money is definitely mingled in the cannabis industry, although we don’t have any GMO seeds quite yet.

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