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In this blog, we give you 6 quick and valuable tips on how to increase your earning potential with Salesforce skill set as your key strength.

Certification Course

Salesforce when implemented well and handled expertly by staff in a company can offer huge benefits and profits to the company. It brings about high increase in customer service, sales and marketing productivity. With results like these, it’s obvious why Salesforce Certified experts are in such high demand. You really need to do a certification course in any of the fields you wish to master, in order to harness true potential of the technology. You can get certified in courses of Developer, Administrator, App builder, Consultant, Marketers, Architect, Pardot Expert, and CPQ expert. A certification in Salesforce increases your marketability in a highly competitive IT sector job market. A certification makes you improve your skill and efficiency at your work place. With an in-depth understanding of the platform, you gain remarkable speed and accuracy in your work, and you tend to satisfy a large number of customers with maximum productivity and minimum efforts. This way you can be a priority for your company, which will definitely pay you handsome salary.

Platforms like Simplilearn, Intellipaat, Intelogik, Edureka, Eudemy, etc offering virtual training, give you the flexibility to get certified in just a few hours, days or months.

Diversified Experience

Companies recruiting Salesforce professionals these days are more comfortable with appointing professionals who have experience in diverse sectors and industries. Business leaders everywhere are beginning to recognize that a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives is crucial to developing new ideas, creativity, and it really helps in making informed decisions and enhancing productivity. If you have worked as a Salesforce professional across a wide range of sectors, then you will certainly negotiate a lucrative salary package for yourself. It is also advised to gather certain work experience with non-profit organisations to gain more confidence in helping a new-to-technology entity or enterprise evolve in cloud computing.



Coders Are Better Earners

A numerous Salesforce salary surveys show that those who have mastered coding skills and also have coding work experience in Salesforce tend to earn better than professionals who lack coding skills. Therefore, if you are keeping a strong focus on minting better money through your Salesforce technology skills, then you must definitely learn coding languages like Apex, Java, etc! Developing your knowledge of backend coding can really boost your earnings — such people definitely draw higher packages, and their skills are certainly considered valuable for companies who do not mind shelling extra bucks for them !

Additional Certifications

With platforms like Simplilearn, Intellipaat, Intelogik, Udemy, Edureka, etc offering provision of virtual certification courses, you can acquire certification in multiple fields with ease. This way you become the Jack of all trades and tend to perform better in your work place in multiple domains with a broader knowledge base. So the more certifications you add, you automatically become entitled to a higher salary or hourly rate as compared to your counterparts who have expertise only in one skill.

Work Experience at Different Locations Counts

Places that are IT hubs or Silicon Valley-like regions are hotbeds for technical professionals of Salesforce as they have high demand for such professionals throughout. Working in companies of such regions helps you acquire higher compensation for your work. Whereas places where cost of living is low, the salary offered there is naturally less. Another point that must be considered is, you must do a survey of such regions or cities where the demand for the Salesforce professionals is high but the availability of skilled professionals is scarce. In such situations, the companies can really offer you what you really aspire or ask for. Profiles such as Salesforce Consultants have a travelling job, such profiles also tend to earn better salaries overall in comparison with professionals who do not travel. Plus working with reputed companies is also an added advantage to get better salaries.

Stay Updated in Technology

It is true that a good and diverse experience is Salesforce industry counts for a good salary, but what really makes you stand out with a better package is your compatibility, hands-on knowledge and experience with newer products and latest technology features of Salesforce. Very less people have expertise in latest technology features of Salesforce, which is continuously upgrading and innovating novel features. So if you keep yourself on the forefront and get promptly trained in the new aspects, you are bound to win favours in your job and you will thus end up negotiating a better pay package for yourself.

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