100 thousand yuan to open a second-hand luxury store monthly easy to pay 20 thou

Posted by alice on October 31st, 2018

Secondhand Replica luxury bags stores, as the name suggests, specializes in selling or selling second-hand luxury goods such as bags, jewelry, famous brands of cosmetics, perfume, belts, shoes, etc. Usually, buyers will buy some favorite items at a lower price. It not only satisfies the psychology of pursuing famous brand, but also does not spend much money. Most of the people who visit these stores are young, fashionable urban white-collar workers, plus some image-conscious social celebrities.

The second-hand luxury store, located near the city hall square, opened in 2009 because the owner, Gao Yang, had six years of overseas study experience and worked in a well-known second-hand luxury store in the city. She immediately "copied" the store when she returned home. Gao Yang still remembers the hard experience of pursuing famous brands: "I opened a second-hand luxury store to satisfy the little vanity of most girls."

In this less than 30 square meters of second-hand luxury shops, reporters saw shelves filled with bags from international brands such as LV, Replica Christian Dior Bags, Gucci, Prada and so on, looking about 89% new. There are also some famous brands of cosmetics, perfume, belts, shoes and jewelry. The price of these items is basically three to thirty percent off of new products. For example, the original price of a Replica Gucci Handbag is 13,800 yuan because of its stains, and the present price is only 6,200 yuan; the original price of a LV bucket bag is 8,200 yuan, because there is a breakage of the size of a bean inside the bag, the present price is only 5,000 yuan. Gao Yang said that because the shop has been open for more than two years, with a certain degree of popularity, many old customers are willing to send their "eliminated" goods to consignment, so the shop's goods update quickly.

Gao Yang said that the prospects for the development of second hand luxury stores are inseparable from popularity and inseparable from services. In order to attract customers and attract stable and long-term customer groups, the store has launched diversified services.

First, membership. In a store, whether you are a consignment seller or a buyer, the owner creates a record of customer transactions and manages the membership professionally according to the habits of each consumer and the amount of money consumed. As long as you become a member, you can enjoy multiple discounts, such as the unique discount of the member: the basis of the selling price. Enjoy 9-9.5% discount on the first time, receive short notice of arrival of new goods and promotional information, enjoy the discount of cooperative stores, etc.

Two, buying on behalf of. Stores can also help customers with special needs. Buyers only bear freight and customs duties, while shopkeepers only charge customers 200-300 yuan for purchasing fees.

Three, nursing. This is a special service in Gao Yang's store, mainly to increase membership card value. In-store maintenance master is a high-paid professional leather maintenance division, specializing in the care of customers'large-brand goods. Because the price is reasonable and the technology is exquisite, every part of the cost of moonlight care accounts for 28% of the total sales.

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